The Money Mastermind Show had a special guest jump on and share their experience with being a Mary Kay Cosmetics distributor. This special guest earned a pink Cadillac and represented the elite .2% of distributors that achieve this level of success.  The only people who get to drive pink Cadillacs are those whose multilevel sales teams have sold at least $100,000 in Mary Kay products in six months. It will open your eyes to the Mary Kay Cosmetics scam.

Here are some highlights:

The Mary Kay Cosmetics pink Cadillac is a lease.  If you do not meet your sales numbers, you are stuck with paying the lease.

Mary Kay Cosmetics representatives have you take personality tests and use that to get you to buy products.

She received the pink Cadillac when she was 25.

She was a distributor for Mary Kay Cosmetics for two years total.

When you first join they hit you up to buy inventory.

There is a lot of training that goes into getting people to buy the more expensive packages when they join as a distributor.

Women are spending $2000 to go to Texas for a Mary Kay Cosmetics convention.

A fellow director she meet was in $40,000 debt because they put orders under people to qualify to be a director.  This was encouraged by other directors.

Fact Check: There are 1,300 pink Cadillacs on the road in the United States as of 2014. That means of the 600,000 consultants in America, 0.2% (two tenths of one percent) are in Cadillacs.

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