LikesXL Scam Video

Have a major credit card company and major advertisers created an ad revenue sharing money making opportunity that pays guaranteed returns?  It sounds too good to be true. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into LikesXL.   Here is what I have found.

LikesXL Scam Claims

It’s something like MAPS and Traffic Monsoon on STEROIDS! It’s The Game-Changer, with monster long-term money to be made. Unlike the expiry hassles and serious limitations on us in Traffic Monsoon and MAPS, PR Packs NEVER EXPIRE so they only build up. It’s part of what puts us on STEROIDS by comparison.

The company LikesXL is fully backed by a Major CC. In fact, 2 out of the 3 founders of LikesXL are board members of that major company and have been with them for over 20 years.

LikesXL has taken a proven Business Model FAR BEYOND anything before and created a New Paradigm that cannot be replicated.

  • LikesXL provides Major Corporations New Services they NEED and WANT.
  • LikesXL provides Online Corporate Advertising and Online Name Brand Shopping – with a difference.
  • LikesXL is Professionally Structured and Financed to last for DECADES.
  • LikesXL is designed to produce UNLIMITED incomes, both Passively and Actively.
  • LikesXL is the SECURE place to build a secure FUTURE.
  • LikesXL is simple and easy to understand. And it’s open to EVERYONE.

Here is how the LikesXL money making opportunity is presented:

LikesXL Scam Opportunity Video

LikesXL Scam Reality

LikesXL was launched on October 19, 2015. It is a registered company in Lichtenstein (bordering on Switzerland). LikesXL is owned by Setimo AG, a Lichtenstein registered holding company with company number FL-0002.365.435-5.

The CEO is Peter Kolar.

Here is what is said about the LikesXL ownership by representatives:

The Company is owned by Peter Kolar, and he is very private about this. He is also the owner of Cardcompact, from which we order the Eurocard (product of MasterCard) for payouts. Dr Marcus Rossman is the brain behind the company and, it would seem the man who got it rolling with M/C – see below. He has been on the MasterCard board of directors or years. Roland Stagnate is the LikesXL promotion man and has been with MasterCard for 20 years and 6 years board member. He is constantly on the road now to promote.

The MasterCard board is fully aware of the development of LikesXL, and when Herr Rossman raised the idea and explained the concept, the board instructed him to go forward and form the company. That was the birth of LikesXL, right in the MasterCard board room. It now has the full support of M/C which also guarantees its Corporate participants. The company also works in association with Europacard, also a MasterCard, which is owned by MasterCard.

Here is what MasterCard had to say about LikesXL:

MasterCard – We shared this information with our global team and no one is aware of any partnership or affiliation with LikesXL. As well, Dr. Marcus Rossman has not been on our corporate board of directors. – Source Facebook

How the scam works:

  1. Register to Join LikesXL. (You can register free, but for limited benefits.)
  2. “Top Up” to fund your account.
  3. Purchase PR Packs @ €50 each – more packs = more earnings.
  4. Optionally, Activate Commissions through FIVE Levels.
  5. View 10 Ads Daily, takes 5 minutes (holidays available):
  6. Place YOUR own ads along with corporate ads and earn from them. Ads credits come with each PR Pack.
  7. At your option, invite others to participate.
  8. At your option, add more packs from earnings or withdraw funds.

RESULT: Passive and/or Active income.

Even though they try to make you think your PR packs don’t expire here is what actually happens:

Our PR Packs DO expire – in a technical sense and for reasons of legality. BUT they live on and continue to pay and multiply in a more real sense. They live on in their progeny, so to speak. They have children (not by sperm and egg, but by money), and that population goes on to grow and grow and grow. In this more meaningful, practical, sense the Packs do NOT expire. We buy our PR Packs at €50 each. They earn for us every thirty minutes if we do our daily 10 ad clicks on the site. Each pack is guaranteed to earn 20%, so you end up with €60 for the 50 you put in for each PR Pack.

When do they expire? At that 20% point. So, one has earned a guaranteed 20% and can withdraw their funds and be nicely ahead. It is a cannot lose situation. BUT the sensible person uses profit at expiry time – if not before, and as they are able! – to roll all or some of the earnings into the purchase of more packs, they compound their packs. In this way, the first packs expire but are “reincarnated” into more packs. And more earnings. – Source

They have you watch ads from legitimate companies like Ferrari to try and give legitimacy to this Ponzi scheme.  In my opinion, this is only a smoke screen to cover what is actually going on.

LikesXL is a type of scam that has been run under many names on the internet. This scam is where you buy ads to participate in a revenue share and you click on ads to create traffic for others that buy ads to participate in the same revenue share. Here are the names of some other scams that are very similar: Traffic Monsoon, My Paying Ads, and My Advertising Pays.

The traffic you are buying with LikesXL is near worthless traffic for anything other than the make money online niche. The reason it is near worthless is the vast majority of people that are clicking to go to your site are people that are trying to make money by participating in the revenue sharing and are not people who are looking to spend money as customers. Untargeted traffic is absolutely useless and does nothing for your business.

The common argument that is made to justify this type of scam is that, “I have received a payment therefor it is not a scam.” This is what makes Ponzi schemes so effective at taking money from people. Some people will receive payment, but once the amount of people joining the scheme slows down it fails and many lose their money.


Monthly Memberships:

  • Blue Free – 0 PR Packs
  • Green €29.90 annually – 50 PR Packs Maximum Purchase
  • Silver €29 monthly – 150 PR Packs Maximum Purchase
  • Gold €39 monthly – 300 PR Packs Maximum Purchase
  • Diamond €55 monthly – 900 PR Packs Maximum Purchase

PR packs cost €50 each. With every PR Pack you buy you get 800 potential views for the advertisement you put on LikesXL. The maximum one time purchase per month is currently 300 Packs.

Downline Upgrades:

Upgrade 1 = €60.00 Adds 3rd Level To Downline
Upgrade 2 = €120.00 Adds 4th Level To Downline
Upgrade 3 = €180.00 Adds 5th Level To Downline

Europacard €99

Your are charged 2.5% to add money to your account with a Mastercard or Visa.  You are charged 1.5% for a bank transfer.


Their products are the memberships and PR Packs.

Compensation Plan

There are two main ways you make money in the LikesXL compensation plan.  You can purchase PR Packs and recruit people to purchase PR Packs.  They use a uni-level compensation plan for the recruiting part of the compensation plan.

Invite Members – Get Paid on all purchases five levels deep. Each level has unlimited width, so your organization can grow with no limits. Level 1 is your direct referrals, your level 2 is your level one’s referrals, etc. Commissions: Level 1 is 8%, level 2 is 4%, level 3 is 3%, level 4 is 2%, and level 5 is 1%. These are paid on EVERY pack sold in your 5 level organization.

LikesXL Scam Chart

LikesXL pays every thirty minutes for surfing 10 ads daily, paid in proportion to how many PR Packs you own.  You make a maximum of 20% or €10 on each PR Pack you own.

5% of your total earnings will be transferred to your promotion budget. This can only be used to purchase advertisements.

At 900 packs something special happens that *effectively* cause your packs to never expire. Instead, you have a permanent ongoing source of income. 900 packs will generate €900 daily.

Depending on the withdrawal method chosen only a maximum of €10.000/day can be paid out.

Golden Sales Rewards:

3 members in first week = Qualified

8 members in 2 weeks = 1 gram gold card

12 members in 3 weeks = 2 gram gold card

20 members in 4 weeks = 4 gram gold card

Minimum pay is €580.00 (Dl3 + 8 PR-Packs). All Members must be first level.

Income Disclosure

They provide no information on how much people are actually making on average. They offer not guarantee of income in their income disclosure.

If you buy a PR Pack, they guarantee that you will make money in their presentations; but they do not make the same guarantee in their income disclosure.

Return Policy

LikesXL offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee on the initial transactions, less use of the product. All subsequent fees or payments product will not be refunded.

LikesXL Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, LikesXL is running a Ponzi scheme. They are using new money from advertisers to pay previous advertisers. With near worthless traffic, there is little or no reason for someone to buy LikesXL ads unless they want to be part of the revenue sharing program. To keep the Ponzi scheme running as long as possible 5% of PR Pack earnings can only be used to purchase more advertising. They have you watch ads from legitimate companies like Ferrari to try and give legitimacy to this Ponzi scheme. I would avoid the LikesXL scam.