Jeunesse Scam

Shortly before the Vemma scam was shutdown by the FTC, Alex Morton jumped ship and joined Jeunesse.  Has he changed his ways of endlessly recruiting people into a business opportunity and started selling products to customers?  My subscribers have requested I take a look into Jeunesse.  Here is what I have found.

Jeunesse Scam Claims

We are bringing people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance to live a youthful, healthy life and discover financial freedom.

We give you exclusive products, expert training resources and pro marketing materials to build your business on your terms. Whether you’re looking to earn some part-time income or grow your operations on our global platform, Jeunesse provides a lucrative business opportunity for all types of direct sellers.

Here is how the business opportunity is presented:

Jeunesse Scam Opportunity Video

Jeunesse Scam Reality

Jeunesse was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009 and claims to have more than half a million distributors in 215 countries. It is a network marketing company. The company markets anti-aging products that include supplements, creams and gels.

Jeunesse Global
650 Douglas Avenue
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Founder – Chief Executive Officer

Founder – Chief Operations Officer

Here is their background in their own words:

The company they ran before Jeunesse was Forever Freedom International. It was a network marketing company. This Florida based corporation sold MPG-CAPS a 100% organic engine conditioner that simultaneously improves fuel economy and power by creating a micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber in your engine allowing your fuel to burn more efficiently. – Source

Forever Freedom International said dropping a $2 MPG-CAP in your tank with every fill up will increase mileage by 10 percent or 20 percent.

The Environmental Protection Agency has not tested MPG-CAPS, but it has tested more than 100 other gadgets and additives that say they will save gas and has found they do not work.

“Those kind of claims, we have yet to find any kind of device or additive that can produce that type of result,” said Joni Lupovitz of the Federal Trade Commission.

ABC news reviewed MPG-Caps and did not find it to live up to the claims they made about it. – Source ABC news

I am not sure how you go from selling MPG-Caps to face creams, but that is what Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have done.

Now they are selling Instantly Ageless as a powerful anti-wrinkle micro-cream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging.

  • Reduce the appearance of under-eye bags immediately.
  • Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten, firm and lift the appearance of sagging skin
  • Minimize the appearance of pores for a flawless finish

How effective is their Instantly Ageless product?

Here is a review that helps answer this question:

After viewing multiple reviews, it looks like Instantly Ageless does work but for a limited amount of time. Now let’s take a look at the business opportunity they offer.

I found nothing special about the business opportunity that Jeunesse offers:

  • You pay a small upfront mandatory fee to join the business opportunity.
  • You are strongly encouraged to purchase a signup package.
  • You are strongly encouraged to signup for a monthly auto-ship.
  • To be active and qualify for team commissions you must accumulate 100 Personal Volume (PV) points in one month and personally enroll two distributors who each accumulate 100 PV points within one month.
  • To remain active you must generate 60 PV points each month by selling products to customers or by buying them yourself.
  • You recruit others to do the same thing.

You are not paid for sponsoring new distributors, but are paid on the sale of products to them and their customers.

You can sell to customers with Jeunesse, but why would you do that?  According to the income disclosure, people just selling to preferred customers in the compensation plan make far less on average then those that are recruiting others into the business opportunity.

Here is what one of the top-earning distributors in Jeunesse Kim Hui of California said:

So the first way to make money is retail commissions, right. You know we as distributors we get the product at wholesale and then when people buy it, they buy it retail . . . so we get a little retail commission. . . . Now that will be the smallest pay you ever get. OK? I forget about retail commissions for me. . . . I’m in this not to sell product. I’m here to build a global distribution. . . . I’m not a salesperson; I’m a business builder. – Source

Auto-ship is very important if you plan to be successful with Jeunesse. All members are highly recommended to enroll in the Autoship program to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Worry-free monthly qualifications.
  • Never being without product.
  • Never flushing your points.

– Source

Why are you paying them to sell their products for them? In my opinion, this looks just like another recruiting scam.

Alex Morton brought his team from the Vemma scam that was shutdown by the FTC to Jeunesse:

In my opinion, nothing has changed with Alex.  He is still standing on a stage recruiting people into a business opportunity.  Product sales are a bi-product of his recruiting, but his focus remains on recruiting other people into a business opportunity.


Those that wish to earn can do so with the minimal start-up cost of a starter kit at $49.95. There is no requirement to purchase products, though you are encouraged to purchase products for your personal use. You are not required to carry any inventory.

There is a small Annual Renewal fee of $19.95 to cover the cost of your virtual Business Management System. However, if you maintain 360 CV from Autoship orders during the year, the Annual Renewal fee is waived.


VIDACELL Ambassador Package $1049.95 (CV 500)


VIDACELL Jumbo Package  $749.95 (CV 400)

JUMBO PACKAGE $749.95 (CV 400)

VIDACELL Supreme Package $499.95 (CV 300)

SUPREME PACKAGE $499.95 (CV 300)

BASIC ZEN PACKAGE  $214.95 (CV 100)


Basic VIDACELL Basic Package $199.95 (CV 100)





Instantly Ageless





Compensation Plan

Click Here for the the Jeunesse compensation plan.

As you progress towards building your Jeunesse business, there are 15 different ranks that you can achieve in their Financial Rewards Plan. You have to recruit distributors to move up in the ranks.

You can begin earning Retail Profits, Preferred Customer Bonuses, and New First Order Bonuses immediately upon the purchase of the mandatory $49.95 Starter Kit. However, in order to take maximum advantage of the Jeunesse Financial Reward Plan, you must be both Active and Qualified to earn Team Commissions, Leadership Matching Bonuses, and Diamond Bonus Pool income.

Being Active means you must generate 60 PV points during your Autoship Month. You must be Active to earn Team Commissions and Matching Bonuses. If you do not remain Active, any accumulated points will be reset to zero when commissions are calculated.

In order to qualify, you need to accumulate 100 Personal Volume (PV) points in one month during the first year (which ends on your renewal date) from your customer’s purchases through your website or your personal purchases and personally enroll two Distributors who each accumulate 100 PV within one month. Place one of these Distributors on your left team and one on your right team. This will activate your position so that you may now be eligible to earn Team Commissions.

You can earn Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Commissions earned by your personally enrolled team. You can earn this bonus on up to seven levels of your team in each line of sponsorship. Every person you personally enroll creates a new line of sponsorship.

A Team Commission is created when you accumulate 300 CV in one of your teams and 600 CV in the other. This creates a Team Commission of $35. It does not matter which team accumulates what volume so long as a total of 900 CV is generated with at least 300 CV from one team and 600 CV from the other team.

Why sell products to the general population when you can qualify for bonuses with your personal purchases and recruit others to do the same thing?

Many levels of compensation only further enriches those at or near the top … of distributors. Excessive levels in a downline is another sign participants are expected to sell primarily to their downline, rather than to the general public. –  Source

Income Disclosure

Click Here for the Jeunesse income disclosure.

Distributors without an active downline and who have only registered retail customers and preferred customers average $71.14 per year.

95% of distributors with an active downline make $2,111.03 on average per year.

An Active downline is one that generates at least 60 PV in commissions a month and have an Active distributor on its right and left leg.

The amounts shown are before expenses incurred by the distributors in the operation of their business.

Jeunesse is a great way for you to make less than part-time minimum wage.  They provide no information on what people are making through retail sales. 

Return Policy

If a distributor wishes to return product purchased for personal use, inventory purposes or sales aids while the Distributor Agreement was in effect, all product in CURRENT, REUSABLE AND RESALABLE condition which has been purchased within twelve (12) months shall be repurchased subject to compliance with the Seventy Percent Rule (see Section 8.5) . The purchase shall be at a price of not less than ninety percent (90%) of the original net cost to the distributor minus any freight charges and commissions paid to the distributor. Any such requests will be considered a resignation of the distributorship.

In order to qualify for commission and overrides, each distributor must certify with the purchase of product that he/she has sold to retail customers and/or has consumed seventy percent (70%) of all products previously purchased. This is known in the industry as the “Seventy Percent Rule”. – Source Jeunesse Policies And Procedures

Jeunesse Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Jeunesse is a recruiting scam. They convince people to spend $49.95, accumulate 100 Personal Volume (PV) points in one month, and recruit two other people to become distributors to qualify for team commissions. You have to recruit other distributors to increase your rank in the compensation plan. You are not selling your own products or services. There is no reason to pay this company money for this business opportunity. With seven levels of commissions paid to representatives this compensation plan takes advantage of the many people at the lower levels of the company. With previous representatives of scams like Alex Morton recruiting for this company, I would avoid the Jeunesse business opportunity.