Purists Choice Scam

If you are someone looking to lose weight, you have a target on your back. Scammers will say and do anything to get your money. Purists Choice aka Sale Slash used spam email, fake news sites, and phony celebrity endorsements to make their outlandish weight loss claims. Some of the unproven diet pills they marketed included Premium Green Coffee, Pure Garcinia Cambogia, Premium White Kidney Bean Extract, Pure Forskolin Extract, and Pure Caralluma Fimbriata Extract.

The good news is that these scammers have been stopped and their company has been liquidated. Approximately $10 million will be made available for refunds to their victims.

Here is information on how this scam was run:

Since at least 2012, Purists Choice aka Sale Slash has advertised, marketed, promoted, and sold various products to people throughout the United States including weight-loss products. They have used websites they own and operate, including premiumgreencoffee.com, puregarciniacambogiahca.com, buywhitekidneybeanextractdirect.com, buyforskolinextractdirect.com, and  buycarallumafimbriataextractdirect.com.


They also advertised, marketed, and promoted their Weight-Loss Products through “affiliate” marketers. These affiliate marketers attract people to their websites through various forms of marketing, including through banner advertisements placed on third-party websites and through unsolicited commercial electronic mail messages.

Since at least 2013, they have also sent, or have hired affiliate marketers who have sent, unsolicited commercial electronic mail messages to people that appear to have been sent by friends, family members, or other contacts. These messages are in fact paid advertisements promoting Weight-Loss Products and contain links that lead people to Purists Choice’s websites.

Purists Choice aka Sale Slash pay a fee or commission to their affiliate marketers for each person who, after having clicked on one of the affiliate marketer’s advertisements, purchases a Weight-Loss Product on their websites.

People who click on links in these banner advertisements and unsolicited commercial electronic mail messages are taken to fake news websites, which are owned and operated by Purists Choice’s’ affiliate marketers. These fake news websites appear to be objective news reports about Weight-Loss Products. In fact, they are paid advertisements that advance false weight-loss claims and contain links to Purists Choice’s websites, where people can purchase products.


Surrounding the reports are what appear to be profiles of ordinary people who have tried the Weight-Loss Products, like “Kristy Miami, FL” and “Jennifer from San Diego, CA.” These profiles make additional claims of significant weight loss, such as 28 pounds in 5 weeks, that are supported by “before” and “after” photos showing people who appear to have become noticeably slimmer.

In fact, the news reports linked to by unsolicited commercial electronic mail messages and banner advertisements are fake. Purists Choice’s Weight-Loss Products were never reviewed or endorsed by “The Doctors” or Oprah Winfrey. Reporters or people portrayed on the sites are fictional and never conducted the tests or experienced the results described in the reports. The reports and tales of weight-loss remain the same regardless of which of the various Weight-Loss Products being marketed. The websites are not objective news reports but rather are paid advertisements, maintained by Purists Choice’s affiliate marketers.


Purists Choice Scam Conclusion

Purists Choice aka Sale Slash used spam email, fake news sites, and phony celebrity endorsements to make their outlandish weight loss claims. In truth, their Weight-Loss Products did not cause rapid and substantial weight loss.

Now they are shutdown and liquidated.  Good riddance scammers.  There are hundreds of others like them that need to be shutdown as well.