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Update: Lazy Man and Money Blog Wins Appeal V. Le-Vel

The lazy Man and Money blog has been sued by Le-Vel for an opinion piece on the products and business opportunity they offer.  When you speak out about the prevalent MLM business opportunity scams that are out there, you live in constant fear that this may be the day that your financial future comes to an end.  That day may have come for the Lazy Man and Money blog.

There is no one in the government that combats the lies that fill the internet spread by MLM scams. Instead individual bloggers, private website publishers, and a few non-profit groups do the job. The law and the government provide no protection for these individuals. Eventually, they become targets of MLM “SLAPP” suits, or ominous “cease and desist” letters from MLM lawyers threatening “defamation” lawsuits. Even well established magazines such as Mother Jones have been targeted.

The cases may be worthless but the legal costs are often enough to stop publication, websites, public complaints or personal opinions. Fighting the lawsuits can cost far more than any individual can afford, and the time and effort to fight them can be considerable. – Source

Here is what the owner of the lazy Man and Money blog has to say about his situation:

Last year a reader wrote me to ask about Le-Vel Thrive. Jason wrote:

“[My neighbor] has started this ‘Thrive’ regiment with a patch, a pill, and perhaps some other lifestyle changes, and posts daily pictures of herself on Facebook to ‘document’ her progress with weight-loss. To me, this looks to be just another one of the plethora of scams and schemes out there. What do you know about this ‘company’? Perhaps you’ve already written articles on it that I wasn’t aware of. If not… perhaps this could be one to look into and write about for future articles.”

I decided it was worth looking into and the result was this article on Le-Vel Thrive. I’ll let you read the article, but regular readers can guess my reaction to their weight-loss patch and “premium lifestyle capsules.”

This is the third time I’ve been sued for trying to help consumers make an informed decision. The previous two times I had lawyers who were greatly sympathetic to my cause and willing to win their fees in what is called an anti-SLAPP motion. They are suing me in Texas, not my home state of Rhode Island. That means that I have to find a lawyer in Texas. Thus far, I haven’t one willing to work on the contingency of winning to get their fees. It’s hard to ask them to take the risk of perhaps working for no money at all.

On the other hand, defending such a lawsuit can run tens of thousands of dollars. Lawyers are typically paid several hundred dollars per hour and it adds up quickly.

This leaves me in the position to ask readers to help me so I can help you (cue Jerry Maguire). Suddenly my article last week, Ask the Readers: What Makes for a Successful GoFundMe Campaign?, makes a little more sense, right?

I give a lot more detail about what is going on my GoFundMe page.

Click Here to read the Lawsuit.

Another blogger they are trying to silence is BehindMLM.

Le-Vel file bogus DMCA claim against BehindMLM

Here is the conclusion lazy Man and Money came to for Le-Vel:

Between the extremely expensive products, dubious marketing, and what appears to be a pyramid scheme (see aforementioned FTC guidelines), I think it is clear that Le-Vel Thrive is a scam.

After reviewing his article, I agree with his opinion of Le-Vel.