Chris Jones Leaves The Empower Network

The parade of people coming and going at the top of the Empower Network scam continues.  First there was Dave Sharpe, Vick Strizheus, and now Chris Jones.  The Empower Network has been on a slow decline in popularity for some time, but it seems to be accelerating recently.  This may explain the exit of Chris Jones for greener pastures.

Chris Jones is the creator of the Internet Prospect Acceleration System (Ipas2) which was merged into the Empower Network last year.

Here are the Facebook posts from Dave Wood and Chris Jones that give you the story:

“To let everyone know where I am at and prepare for future acquisitions… I am NOT currently partnered with any public or private company or associated with any online business opportunity. I am working independently with a team assembled specifically for this project, not associated or connected to any outside network or organization.” – Chris Jones

Dave Wood has been keeping the Empower Network up and running by pure willpower, and it seems that will continue.

“Just remember that I’ve always been here.

Will always be here.

And have always remained the same.

THAT will always be consistent.

And if you think about it – that has been the only consistent thing in place since you’ve been on the internet.

Just realize, I’ve been here in ONE direction helping you follow them, without excuses or reasons – for 4 1/2 years.
I’ll be here in another 4 1/2 years.

” – Dave Wood

Dave Wood has taken on a very religious tone lately and the Empower Network is his mission.  I am not sure where this mission will end up leading to, but we will see.

“I’ll go live in a van again.

On purpose.

Because I am NOT doing this for money. Haven’t been since 2009.

Or ever.” – Dave Wood

Here is a sample of Chris and Dave working together: