In an odd turn of events Ted Nuyten of businessforhome.org published an expose that falsely names Michael Turton as the blogger known as Oz from BehindMLM.  This seems to be a direct attack by Ted Nuyten against Oz because of negative reviews of Network Marketing companies by BehindMLM.

“We at Business For Home have the opinion if you are so explicit negative about Network Marketing then stand up and reveal your real name.”

Here is what Michael Turton had to say about this:

“Oh, and there’s more shit today. People are such idiots. Some lunatic thinks I am the blogger named Oz and from time to time sends me emails threatening to sue me. Now this crap.”

Michael Turton was first attacked by The Taipei Times in an article about him under the heading: “The shock jock of Taiwan politics“, and now Ted Nuyten is attacking him.  Ted claims to be pretty sure he is right.  I think he is pretty wrong.

Ted Nuyten Is Sure

Here is what Michael Turton had to say about The Taipei Times article:

Hi friends. I am in the Taipei Times today. The piece contains made up/rewritten quotes, falsely labels me a polymath, epicure, and SF writer (I am none of those things), calls me a “shock jock”, doesn’t understand the context of anything I said, and even includes a juvenile remark about me refusing a bet.

I knew that one was a set up; was absolutely furious when it came up.

Here is what OZ has to say about Michael Turton:

“Turton is an American blogger in Taiwan. Cancer boy has everybody thinking I’m him. I just let the legend grow. No point addressing it as it’s offtopic.”

Oz Responds

I hope this gets cleared up quickly and Ted Nuyten runs a retraction.