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In the world of money making scams there have been many social networks that have been presented as ways to make money just by participating in the social network.  In most cases they end up being recruiting scams that offer little value.  You pay a fee and then you get others to pay a fee in a matrix (pyramid) of recruited people.  My subscribers have requested that I take a look into FutureNet. Here is what I have found.

FutureNet Scam Claims

Have fun, enjoy fantastic multimedia opportunities, meet friends and make money. FutureNet offers you an excellent platform to earn income from the Internet on a daily basis.

We create the first social network platform, which has innovative tools for communicating and our own products to help people around the world realize their full potential on the internet.

Here is how the FutureNet money making opportunity is presented:

FutureNet Scam Presentation Video

FutureNet Scam Reality

FutureNet was launched in 2014. FutureNet is located at UL. ULANSKA 5 52-213 WROCLAW POLAND.

Here is a tour of the FutureNet office in Poland:

Founder & CEO Stephan MorgensternStephan Morgenstern

Stephan spent his childhood growing up in German, but for the last two and half years he has called Poland his home. Poland is also the home to the FutureNet Club worldwide headquarters.

Stephan has been involved in the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industry for 25 plus years, building large companies with team members all over the world. Throughout his career he has collaborated with leaders in the network marketing industry, forming companies in Austria and Germany. In every company he has helped open, he has also held an executive-level management position.

Stephan has been the keynote speaker at networking events in Germany, Austria, Dubai, Turkey, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Stephan teamed up with his best friend, Roman Ziemian, to create the FutureNet Club network. After two years of development, they successfully launch this new network marketing venture. – Source andradewatts.com

Founder & CEO Roman ZiemianRoman Ziemian

In 1973, Roman was born in the south-western city of Jelenia Góra in Poland.

Roman’s drive to become a successful entrepreneur began at the very young age of 15 when he established his first company, which was a trading firm. In 1992 at the age of 19, he moved from his home in Poland to accept an internship with Mamoth Antiek in the Netherlands for one year.

After returning to Poland, he took a position as the assembly department manager, and also the head of the logistics and customs clearance department.

In 1994, Roman moved to Germany, where he spent the next thirteen years of his career building his knowledge base and professional experience. He started by going to school in Zittau at the International Institute of Higher Education, while also holding down a full-time job. Once a year of work went by Roman decided it was time to form his own company, named ProfiBau‘. After four years of successfully operating in the German market, he created a new corporation that was dedicated to providing equipment to gastronomic outlets. Then, in 2003, he acquired a paper manufacturing company. Between 2006 and 2009, Roman owned and operated a Concrete and Accessories Factory. – Source andradewatts.com

The dynamic duo of Stephan and Roman were involved with a recruiting scam called One-Line-Online before FutureNet. One-Line-Online was a recruiting scam launched in early 2014.

At One-Line-Online The Green Line all partners are positioned in a line, one after another. Once you are successfully registered, all new sales partners from all over the world will be placed below you. Your own activity determines the calculation of your income. However, according to your career position, you will earn from all revenue generated by partners placed below you on the list. – Source One-Line-Online Marketing Plan

They have moved from selling green energy shares through a recruiting scam to selling basic web based products.

Here are the web based products FutureNet has for you to sell:

  • Future-Landing-Page-System
  • Future-Video-Mail
  • Future-Blog
  • Future-Cloud
  • Website templates
  • Momentum System
  • FutureNet Games

These products provide a cover for them to run a recruiting scam. You will find the real focus of the people representing this scheme is to recruit as many people as possible.  The compensation plan they offer pays commissions 10 levels to an infinite levels deep.

Here is a representative trying to get you into their success team:

We invite you to become a member of our successful, globally operating Futurenet Multimedia Network Club. Futurenet offers the most fascinating and at the same time the most brilliant opportunity to develop your own online business. The FutureNet Multimedia Network Club is a modern Social Media Platform to earn money online and to have fun with your friends. Both are unlimited! Join our FutureNet SUCCESS SYSTEM Team! – Source futurenet-club.com


You can signup for free, but to withdraw money you need to spend at least $35 for the Basic package.

Packages you can purchase:

$10 = $10 Member
$10 + $25 = $35 Basic
$10 + $25 + $50 = $85 Gold
$10 + $25 + $50 + $100 = $185 Exclusive
$10 + $25 + $50 + $100 + $500 = $685 Sapphire
$10 + $25 + $50 + $100 + $500 + $1,000 = $1,685 Royal


  • Future-Landing-Page-System
  • Future-Video-Mail
  • Future-Blog
  • Future-Cloud
  • Website templates
  • Momentum System
  • FutureNet Games

Compensation Plan

Click Here to view the FutureNet compensation plan.

For each sale of FutureNet products you receive a 30% direct commission. In addition, you are rewarded for each sale in your team
up to 10 levels deep:

1. Level 5%
2. Level 5%
3. Level 5%
4. Level 5%
5. Level 5%
6. Level 3%
7. Level 3%
8. Level 3%
9. Level 3%
10. Level 3%

Futurenet works with the same marketing plan in 6 versions. The 6 marketing plans differ just in the amounts you pay to be apart of them: $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000.

If you want to join at a higher position you need to purchase all of the positions before that position.

Therefore, you have the following 6 starting options:

$10 = $10 Member
$10 + $25 = $35 Basic
$10 + $25 + $50 = $85 Gold
$10 + $25 + $50 + $100 = $185 Exclusive
$10 + $25 + $50 + $100 + $500 = $685 Sapphire
$10 + $25 + $50 + $100 + $500 + $1,000 = $1,685 Royal

The first source of income in their marketing plan is the Friends Bonus. All members are placed in a 3×10 matrix (pyramid) system above you. Every member has only 3 partners in his upline at level 1. With the Friends Bonus, you participate in the product revenues generated in the 10 levels above you.

You receive the following commissions at the various levels:

1. Level 5%
2. Level 5%
3. Level 5%
4. Level 5%
5. Level 5%
6. Level 5%
7. Level 5%
8. Level 5%
9. Level 5%
10. Level 5%

They also offer a Matching Bonus. The Matching Bonus brings you between 10% and 50% based on the revenues that your personal partners earn from the Friends Bonus. The amount of the Matching Bonus depends on your owned package.

Matching Bonus overview:

Member – 10%
Basic – 20%
Gold – 30%
Exclusive – 50%
Sapphire –  50%
Royal –  50%

Another bonus they offer is the Leader Bonus. With the Leader Bonus you get income from all your structure without any depth limits, from the first level, to infinity.

Leader Bonus Requirements:

6 personal partners 3 of them with 3 personal partners 2.000$ – Maximum 50% from one team

3 personal partners qualified for 1% 10.000$ – Maximum 50% from one team

3 personal partners qualified for 2% 25.000$ – Maximum 50% from one team

3 personal partners qualified for 3% 100.000$ – Maximum 50% from one team

3 personal partners qualified for 4% or 6 personal partners qualified for 3% 250.000$ 5000$ Maximum 50% from one team

3 personal partners qualified for 5% or 6 personal partners qualified for 4% 500.000$ 15.000$ Maximum 50% from one team

3 personal partners qualified for 6% or 6 personal partners qualified for 5% 1.000.000$ 25.000$ Maximum 50% from one team

The Career Plan is yet one more way for you to be rewarded.  They reward you for the points you generate.

Turnover from all packages and upgrades 1$ = 1 Point
Turnover from product sales 1$ = 2 Points

20.000 Points
5 Personal Business Partners

50 000 points
7 Personal Business Partners
3 qualified for smartphone prize

150.000 Points
10 Personal Partners Business
3 Business Partners qualified for laptop or
tablet prizes

Audi A3
1.200.000 Points
1.000 Business Partners
15 Personal Partners Business
3 Partners qualified for prizes: a trip

Audi A4
1.500.000 Points
2.000 Business Partners
20 Personal Partners Business
3 Partners qualified for Trip

Audi A6
1.800.000 Points
3.000 Business Partners
30 Personal Partners Business
3 Partners qualified for Trip

Porsche Panamera
3.500.000 points
5.000 Business Partners
30 Personal Partners Business
3 Partners qualified for the Car Program

Only Partners with at least a Basic position can make a cash withdrawal.

Minimum amounts:
$20 – only Bitcoin
$50 – all withdrawal methods

Excessive levels in a downline is another sign participants are expected to sell primarily to their downline, rather than to the general public. This makes it an exploitative money transfer scheme. – Source The problem with 5 or more levels of compensation.

Your job in this marketing plan is to convince as many people as possible to join this money making opportunity.

Income Disclosure

No income disclosure is provided.  You have no idea how much people are making.

Refund Policy

Possible cancellation of the use of products and services does not entail the refund of the paid fee. – Source Futurenet.club

FutureNet Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, FutureNet is a recruiting scam.  They use low value web based products and a social network to provide the cover for a money making opportunity that is focused on recruiting people to pay a membership fee to join the money making opportunity. The creators of FutureNet have a history of being involved in recruiting scams. The compensation plan they offer pays commissions 10 levels to an infinite levels deep. This makes it an exploitative money transfer scheme. They do not provide any information on what people are actually making on average. I would avoid the FutureNet money making opportunity.