MMM South Africa Scam
Update: MMM Nigeria Freezes Payments!

The tragedy of the MMM scam continues to play out in South Africa in slow motion.  MMM scam members organized a Financial Freedom Awareness campaign on April 27, 2016, coinciding with South Africa’s Freedom Day. They took this opportunity to spread awareness about MMM and its schemes, countering the media’s view of MMM as a pyramid scheme, fleecing money from its investors.

Members claim to fear banks and leave their jobs to chase after this scam.

The Ideology of MMM is what I believe in!!!
I resigned from my 9-5 job because it finally set my mind free. I started questioning a lot of things happening in the world.I started wondering why banks charges 30% interest when you take a loan yet your money grows at 7% per annum.
They asked me, “but where does the MMM 30% come from”, I asked them “where does the 30% the bank charges come from”, I asked who came up with the final decision that my money must grow at 7%, I asked who said we are not worth more than that. I asked who makes money, who determines its worth, who gave them the powers, who sets the REPO rate, tax percentage,the list is endless….
All of this was freedom brought by the ideology of this selfless man who wants nothing but to free the world.
“I was moved reading a post in here, the member mentioned that one day she will be sitting with her grandchildren and will share with them on how they got the best education and services all because of community members of MMM” – Source MMM Ching Ching Community RSA

Shortly after this demonstration of support all Mavros were frozen in MMM South Africa. Mavros are the internal “currency” of the scam.

Here are the latest updates from a Guiders meeting with Andrew Globalsman, a Moscow based admin for South Africa:

Guiders meeting with Andrew – 30 April 2016 Minutes

News in the PO:
Critical — Points
(*) 40% PROMO — They will be given priority when they are unfrozen — prioritizing. We will unfreeze them.
(*) FROZEN MAVRO — All old-mavros are frozen. Priority will also be given to all those who never got help in the community.
(*) AUTO GH IMPLEMENTATION — All Moratoriums will be uplifted; Update all account details; BIC should be specified; Delete unused banking details. Leave only one active bank account.
(*) Un-dispatched GH and PH orders will be deleted!
(*) We do not prioritize PHs of old-participants. The stability of the system, depends not on the amount but on the number of new people.
Priority will be given to them.
(*) Zambia will get opened, We need Guiders from Zambia before opening.

Old mavros and new mavros:
(*) The old mavros bought before today (up until 29 April 2016) are frozen. Therefore, they are not available for withdraw. When you PH now it will be frozen for 2 weeks (norm). How long old mavros will be frozen will depend on the growth of the community.

How to recover old mavros:
(*) To recover we need to invite new people. We don’t need PHs of old participants. The PH amount is not the issue, we need new people. For example, if each participant can get 20/30 people we will cover the whole of South Africa. We need to start inviting people immediately. MMM is going to implement new plans to encourage people to participate.
(*) They will pay for old mavros from the PH of the new mavros. In approximately 2 weeks the payments will start but not everyone will receive money. The more people invited, the more payments will be made.

(*) All moratoriums will be lifted. Therefore, go to your accounts immediately and put them in order, update BIC and delete banking details that are not being used. On your bank account there must only be active bank accounts and check that everything is correct. Inform DL to update their accounts.

(*) Referral bonuses -When they unfreeze they will first pay those that have never received help… they will pay for bonuses after people have received their donation. Priority is the donation and bonuses thereafter.
(*) We will limit guider bonuses and guiders not being able to manage big downline they will “move these people down”
(*) They will introduce 3% bonus for donations in bitcoins.
(*) You will receive bonuses from the new donations.

Fake proof of payments:
Fake proof of payments – people will be able to specify that they have proven help even though they have not attached proof of payment….. if no proof of payment is attached the order will be cancelled…?

Suggestions and questions:
(*) Will old mavros continue growing? – You will first receive what you have donated. Andrew doesn’t want to misinform us so he will check but he doesn’t think they will grow. He will confirm this.
(*) Old mavros paid back- the system will request a GH for you, you won’t be able to GH yourself.
(*) Forced PH – we are a community that does not force people to do anything. We need to see everyone in SA here. Forcing people will not help us receive results.
(*) What will happen to the republic of bitcoins people – mavros will be frozen
(*) What will happen to people that were blocked who made payments but didn’t attach POP – they need to write support
(*) Encourage DL to attend the guider school.
(*) Why the need for new participants to PH and not on PH of old participants? – (my understanding is the ideology of MMM to be achieved, financial apocalypse will only be achieved by new participants joining, not by having a little MMM club) We need everyone here in SA not just a minority, this is the idea of Mr Mavrodi.
(*) 40% promotion does it fall under old mavros? – they will be given priority but they are old mavros
(*) How will old mavros be allocated over the next 6 months? – 6 months is an estimation. Payments will start in 1-2 weeks. They won’t pay big amounts; they will pay small amounts at this moment. How long will this take no one knows it is dependent on how many people we will invite.
(*) What must we tell new recruits about negative media to encourage them to join – here it is important for us to donate money and are rewarded for it. Don’t say it is a scheme and it is not an investment scheme. Mavro is a motivation to donate your money to each other. Start with a small amount to test how it works.
(*) The media getting hold of this and running with it makes it difficult to recruit – there were people that got help and no matter people will continue to get help. Andrew suggest that even though media criticised MMM say I was happy and now I am inviting you join this community.

Charity Big Events and Conventional Events Feedback:
(*) Today we had a concert in Lesotho – we need to continue with these big events. The mass media will always criticise us.
(*) There is no need for us to be fearful. The media will always predict our collapse and we have not collapsed

– Source

MMM Global Scam Conclusion

MMM is a pathetic cash gifting/Ponzi scheme that is designed to take advantage of people. MMM Global is using your dislike of the banks to get you to participate in a cash gifting/Ponzi scheme. Don’t fall for yet another scam created by serial fraudster Sergey Mavrodi. When new suckers can’t be found this scam will fail taking your money with it.