GetPaid.Socal Scam
Jeff Long has wasted peoples time and taken their money with the scam.  In my opinion, he has consistently been deceptive.  Now he is selling off the money making opportunity to a new owner.

Back on May 19 of 2016 We heard the following from Jeff Long:

We are no longer doing business with PayPal and will be moving everything over to a new payment processor shortly.

It’s been one heck of a journey since I launched GPS back in November of last year. There has been many ups and downs, many challenges and many obstacles for my team and I to overcome and while I know challenges and obstacles are all part of taking on such a HUGE project such as this…I am very happy, proud and grateful to tell you that we are just DAYS away from GPS being everything I always said it would be!

In his latest update on the scam, he has a different story to tell about what happened with PayPal and his involvement in the project.

Here is the latest update by Jeff Long:

What’s Happening With GPS?

I sincerely apologize for not sending this message sooner, I wanted to have a clear plan and picture before sending you all an update.

I want you to know that GPS is still up and running and you can still perform tasks!

Unfortunately though, right now we are unable to pay you any earnings due to our paypal account being permenantly locked!

As for any PAST earnings that you are still owed, there is no money to pay those earnings as all of the reserve from my merchant account that they have been holding for the past 3 months which I was going to use to pay you, is GONE due to chargebacks performed by many of you!

This SEVERELY DAMAGED the company and is the reason we are where we are today.

I have every desire to keep GPS ALIVE and to honor my agreements with all of you, so to help me do that while I move on and focus on other projects, I’ve decided to sell GPS to someone who can give it the time, attention, focus & resources required to make it what we ALL have always known it can be!

This acquisition should be completed in the next 1-2 weeks and will allow you all to continue business as normal.

Those of you who purchased a lifetime membership, that membership is still being honored so please do not worry.

I have chosen a new owner based on his incredible experience with platforms such as this and you all should be VERY EXCITED about the future of this company!

I will still be involved but more on a consulting and advisory level.

I will be announcing the official aquisition once it’s completed and at that time, introduce you to the new owner.

The new owner of GPS will soon have his own merchant account setup and will begin allowing you to subscribe to the premium membership at either $9.97 per month or $4.97 per month.

To help us help you in this process, and to make GPS a success for everyone (yes including YOU), we are asking you to please “raise your hand” here in this email and let us know that you’re still IN!

LIFETIME members do not need to take this action!


Regarding your earnings and memberships that you have purchased (for those who this applies to)…

I will work with you respectfully and with integrity to honor the agreements I have made with you IF YOU OFFER ME THE SAME COURTESY!

I will not work with, listen to or give my energy to threats, insults or disrespect. (This will be your only warning).

There are many of you who are owed commissions and earnings and I intend to pay you what you are owed but it’s not going to happen overnight! I have been severely impacted just as you have, through the challenges of GPS these past 3-6 months more than you know and while I’m willing to make good on what you are owed, it’s going to take some time as I need to make the money else where!

If you’re receiving this message and you feel you are owed commissions or earnings (NOT REFUNDS) please send an email to me at so I can add you to my list of people to “make good” with. Again, any disrespect, threats or anger will just be ignored as I don’t have time or energy for it and neither do you. I won’t engage in “battle” with anyone!

Founding partners will receive another email from me shortly.

My friend, GPS is going to be bigger, badder and stronger than ever with this acquisition and I am super excited for you! I will do what I can to help heal the agreements I have broken with you over these past several months and invite you to continue moving forward with the new owner once everything is in place.

I’ll be in touch with more updates as we progress with the acquisition and transition to a new owner.

To Your Success,
Jeff Long, CEO/Founder Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, is another recruiting scam.  The money that you make comes mainly from the people that have been recruited into the money making opportunity.  The free option to join is extremely limited on how much money you can make without recruiting people. The traffic provided is not worth spending money to advertise to. The Facebook app has caused some people to not be able to share.  Jeff Long has been the creator and promoter of many different schemes and scams including a cash gifting scam. I would avoid the money making opportunity and any future projects by Jeff Long.