Scammers never get tired of running the same scam over and over again.  As long as it has worked in the past, it will be back with a new name and a new website. Using information products to provide a cover for a cash gifting scam is an example of one of these scam that is run over and over again.  The real power of this scam is how quickly money can be transferred into your account. Payments are made directly to you. Since a product is involved the promoters of the scam say that what they are doing is legitimate. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into a money making opportunity called Exitus Elite. Here is what I have found.

Exitus Elite Scam Claims

No Cold Calling, No Explaining, No Selling, Works For Everyone!

Exitus Elite is a membership-based online business that has been “built from the ground up” with your success in mind. Membership gives you access to everything you need to run a successful online business,

With our systems, there is NO EXPLAINING, SELLING OR RECRUITING! Just spread the word about Exitus Elite and watch YOUR income, along with your lifestyle, start to improve almost instantly!

Here is how this money making opportunity is presented:


Exitus Elite Scam Reality

Exitus Elite is solely owned and operated by Paul Stevenson.


This money making opportunity has gone through a reboot and a name change.  First it was called Exitus Network, then Exitus Lifestyle and now it is Exitus Elite.

Paul Stevenson has a history of running cash gifting scams.  Some of his previous scams were Abundant Living System, Number One Success System/NOSS, and  Prosperity Cash Machine.

Here is how Prosperity Cash Machine worked:

With Prosperity Cash Machine (PCM) there are just two boards.

Board One – The GREEN BOARD – This is a 1×2 Board where everyone enters. You need to fill the two spots below you with 2 people from your own sponsorship efforts or it can also be filled from spillover from above. Once these two spots are filled you cycle out and move onto the Gold Board.

Board Two – The GOLD BOARD – This is a SUPERFAST 2×2 Board. Your referrals follow you onto the gold board and you follow your sponsor onto the gold board. When you fill your spots you cycle for unlimited $900 instant payments!

You are paid INSTANTLY and you get a FREE re-entry onto the gold board again following your sponsor. And this goes on indefinitely.

Board Three – The OPTIONAL PLATINUM BOARD. NO QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED! That’s right. The Platinum Plan is entirely company forced and you do not need any personal referrals to follow you in order to cycle. When you cycle you get paid $10,000! Cost is a ONE OFF $400 and will come from your first commissions payment from the Gold Board. But remember this is an optional board. This board is a combination of TWO company FORCED BOARDS, a 2 x 3 entry board and a 2 x 2 payment board. When you are in the pay position you will be paid instantly when the bottom four positions are filled individually. So NO WAITING. When spot one fills you get paid $2000 instantly. When spot 2 fills you get $2000, the same with spot 3 and when spot four fills you get paid $4000.

Every time you cycle the Gold or the Platinum Plan you are automatically re-entered. This does NOT come out of your profits.

There is a one-time payment of only $175. Julie and Paul know that making money is top priority and that’s is why the plan was designed the way it is. – Source moneymakergroup.com

Here is a video of Paul Stevenson explaining his history and how Exitus Elite got started:


Here is how Exitus Elite works:

When you recruit a new member, that new member owes you their first sale in order to get qualified to earn commissions.

So their first sale is considered a “pass up” or “qualification sale”.

Payments are made directly to you.

Anytime that you directly recruit someone or anytime you receive a pass up sale, that new person also owes you a qualification sale. This goes on to infinity.

With Exitus Elite you make a direct payment to a person with the intention of gaining the privilege to do the same. You are not selling products to customers. The products are just a bonus for participating in the money making opportunity. Exitus Elite is run just like a cash gifting pyramid scheme.

No matter how these schemes are presented, the bottom line is the same for all – cash gifting schemes are illegal….

All 50 states have laws against pyramid schemes.

You may be asking why they have not been shutdown. Exitus Elite offers digital content to provide the cover for the cash gifting pyramid scheme.

Exitus Elite makes their money from the annual membership fees they receive for running this cash gifting scam.

Exitus Elite uses a 1-Up compensation plan.

A 1-UP compensation plan is where you MUST give up your FIRST sale to your sponsor.

The problems with 1-up compensation plans.

The only programs still offering the 1-Up, or any such variation, are relatively recent start ups or blatant money games.

The Aussie 1-Up. Or 2-up, or 3-Up, or any variation of ups. There’s no way to fix this unredeemable, corrupt and historically failed system of compensation, so any variation of it should be avoided.

So with virtually a 100% long term failure rate throughout MLM history, why has the 2-Up refused to die? In fact, it seems to be experiencing a mild resurgence of late. The reason is twofold:

  1. It actually rolls up tons of cash to the company;
  2. It appears to roll up tons of cash to the distributor – on paper.

The 2-Up looks so good on paper because you only see what you get paid on the first level, but they never tell you that this percentage takes a precipitous plunge starting on the next level. You see the number of people you are paid on doubling upward, but are never shown the massive proliferation of sales you are paid nothing on that you would have otherwise been paid on in every other type of plan. – Source Marketwaveinc.com


The annual membership cost is $299.00 per year, which covers all of your automated systems, hosting, marketing tools, product packages, and program costs.

The cost of your qualification sale is $1000.


The Genesis Library: The topics covered include Marketing, Health and Wellness, and Personal and Professional Development. All these products are in either MP3 Audio or MP4 Video format. There is also a handful of e-books.

The Genesis Library comes with Master Resale Rights. You may re-sell the complete package as is, to another Exitus Member or to a retail customer at the agreed retail price.

You cannot sell or distribute any product or products that form part of the Genesis Library as individual products. You DO NOT have resale rights on any individual product included in the “Genesis Product Package.

These Digital products are used to provide the cover for the cash gifting scheme.  The high cost and limited value of the Genesis Library virtually guarantees that only people interested in the money making opportunity will buy them to qualify to make money.

Compensation Plan

Exitus Elite uses a 1-Up compensation plan.

The “One-Up” means that the commission generated on your very first sale, along with the person making the product purchase, will “pass up” to your referrer.

Income Disclosure


Refund Policy

THERE IS A STRICT NO REFUND OR CHARGEBACK POLICY IN FORCE TO PROTECT OUR MEMBERS. If you proceed to purchase the Genesis Library you are agreeing that you will NOT make a REFUND CLAIM, a CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK or a PAYPAL DISPUTE against your referrer. – Source exituselite.com

Exitus Elite Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Exitus Elite is a cash gifting pyramid scheme where you make a direct payment to a person with the intention of gaining the privilege to do the same. You are not selling products to customers. The products are just a bonus for participating in the cash gifting pyramid scheme. No charge backs are allowed, no refunds are given and all purchases are final. Exitus Elite makes their money from the annual membership fees they receive for running this cash gifting scam. I would avoid the Exitus Elite money making scam.