Online Dating Scams - The Sweetheart Swindle

Romance. For some, it only happens once. A love affair to last a lifetime. For way too many, romance can lead a path, not to your heart, but to your pocket book as scammers take all they can before casting you, your life and your now broke, broken heart aside to begin the next romance.

Online dating scams and The Sweetheart Swindle are common these days.

This scam relies on you falling in love without ever meeting. The easiest way to accomplish this is to pretend to be a deployed soldier, an oil rig worker, a diamond trader in Africa, or living in a refugee camp. Use your imagination, but if they aren’t face to face, that is the first red flag. They may claim to be coming to visit, complete with reservations, passports, requests from a senior officers, you name it. The visit will never happen, emergencies will pop up, and the only solution will be to wire cash. – Source

Click the play button below to listen to how the The Sweetheart Swindle works.

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