Promoters of the Kairos Planet/Kairos Technologies Ponzi scheme have been arrested today in Belarus.  They could face up to 7 years of imprisonment with a confiscation of their property.

Kairos Planet is operated by Kairos Technologies. Kairos Technologies Limited was founded in 2014. Miguel Luis Viera is the president and primary share holder for Kairos Technologies Limited.

There have been warnings issued in Lithuania and Slovakia about Kairos Planet.  Also, Turkey and Estonia are investigating Kairos Planet.

Here is a translated version of a news story from intex-press.by:

Belarussian Riot Police Detained Organizers Of The Financial Pyramid Kairos

Financial police using riot police detained on September 30 core members of the Kairos Technologies Ponzi scheme, which recently declared itself in Belarus. Kairos Technologies – this is another pyramid scheme, organized in our country, where the founders counted on the gullible people of Belarus.

Now law enforcement officers carried out searches of the leaders and organizers of the financial pyramid. Confiscated computers, telephones, seized on expensive cars and real estate, reports onliner.by with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the law (Art. 233 of the Criminal Code) detainees could face up to 7 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. – Source intex-press.by

In my opinion, Kairos Planet is a Ponzi scheme that allows you to recruit your friends and family into it.  You pay them to rent space on your computer and recruit others to do the same.  They then pay you a 250% return on the money you paid them. There have been warnings issued in Lithuania and Slovakia about Kairos Planet. They have no verified income other than the money that representatives are paying. They are trying to hide the reality that they are paying early investors using the investments of later investors.  They recently have been delaying withdrawals and claimed it was because of “malicious attacks” and “technical problems”. I would avoid the Kairos Planet money making opportunity.