Ethan Vanderbuilt Interviews 1

Friends and Internet neighbors, thank you for joining me for Ethan Vanderbuilt Interviews. The purpose of this series is to share with you people that have learned first hand the danger of money making and business opportunity scams. Also, I will be interviewing other scam busters, so that they can share with you some of their valuable experiences. I appreciate you watching, and I hope you can take from this some valuable information.

My guest for this interview is a long time subscriber of mine by the name of Phil.  He has a long history with many business opportunities. He was consulted for the now very popular Betting on Zero film.  We had a chance to talk about the Tools Scam, Herbalife, and Betting on Zero. I hope you enjoy the interview.  If you have escaped from a business opportunity scam and would like to be a guest on my show, please let me know.

Phil enjoys puppets and has his own YouTube channel dedicated to one of his characters. You can check out his channel JLK For America here.