THW Global Scam Fails To Pay Free Viewers

THW Global is a perfect example of a free scam. They use deceptive claims to get you to watch advertising. Then they fail to pay you. Don’t let these scammers waste your time and money. THW Global was promoted as a free way to make money by watching videos.

They are now getting people to pay them a monthly fee to LOCK IN YOUR “Power Leg Position”. Also, there is a $49 one time purchase to be part of the matrix opportunity. What an honor!

Here is the explanation from these scammers on why they are not paying their free viewers:

Within the 1st 4 months THW Global breaks every growth record ever set in 60 years of Network Marketing Industry. All recruiting records, video viewing records, advertising records, Alexa records growing to the top 1800 traffic websites in the world, worth of web traffic with a value exceeding a 90 million dollar value along with so many other records.

The 3rd Party Outside Advertising Giant is suspicious of the type of advertisers viewing the videos and ads such as robotic viewing along with other programming regarding true viewing and participating regarding their ads and videos. Putting THW Global under an account review and holding up revenue to THW Global. Pushing up the THW Global revenue payment to the expected date of 11/22/2016 whereas THW Global could share such revenue with its IVs on 11/24/2016.

Due to the unexpected delay of receiving advertising revenue THW Global introduces a Power Bonus for selling/buying a $1,000 Value E-Learning System for only $10 monthly. This was to help create another source of revenue while waiting for the expected advertising revenue. This was a great success paying out on 11/22/2016 over 10,000 IVs a Power Bonus. With its top IV earner of $2600, many at over $500 and many many more at over $50 and $100. Considering the value a person receives for such $10 cost THW Global considers this a great success and believes that the simple $10 monthly product will end up paying IVs multi millions in over-rides and commissions. All Power Bonuses Points paid out on 11/22/206 will show up in dollars in your virtual account on 11/25/2016. Thereafter all $10 monthly sales are point posted in real time and credited to an IVs office in US Dollars 10 days later.

3rd PARTY ADVERTISING GIANT is taking the full 60 days to review THW Global Record Breaking Advertising Revenue which will give them until 12/16/2016 to completely review the THW Global advertising revenue. At which time THW Global expects to be paid and within days share such revenue on to its IVs who spent many hours of viewing to create such revenue. For those of you who may be upset at such a delay in receiving such revenue. Consider how THW Global feels who has already not only spent hundreds of thousands in special programming but many hundreds of thousands in Bandwidth along with over one hundred thousand dollars just for video content needed to create massive advertising revenue. This is an expense for which THW Global had to pay upfront and weekly since September 21st, 2016. SO both THW Global and its IVs need to be paid by this 3rd Party Advertising Giant.

If You Are Upset Just Go Into A Wait And See Mode…


THW Global Scam Conclusion

The entire THW Global “opportunity” was based on you viewing videos and making money for free.  This is not what is happening. They are pushing this payment out months and they have left it open for you to not be paid at all.  Only people that have paid money and participated in the pyramid scheme are making money.  This is the typical bait and switch that scammers use to take advantage of you.  Avoid the THW Global scam!