Enagic Kangen Water ScamSpending thousands of dollars on a machine that changes the pH of your water sounds like a poor investment to me. Incredible claims are made about what this water can do for you.  Also, selling these machines is presented as an excellent business opportunity.  My subscribers have requested that I take a look into the Enagic Kangen Water scam.  Here is what I have found.

Enagic Kangen Water Scam Claims

Here are some of the claims made by representatives to sell these machines:

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

The benefits of Kangen water are numerous:

Promotes healthy weight loss.
Boost body’s immunity against disease.
Increases absorption of important vitamins and minerals
Even when you take your first delicious sip of Kangen water, you’ll immediately notice the difference, and you’ll wonder how you ever drank anything else! Kangen means “return to origin,” and that’s exactly what this water does! It helps the body fight and remedy conditions like:

High Blood Pressure
Hot Flashes
Joint Pain
Prostate Problems
Sleeping Disorders
High Cholesterol

By using Kangen water on a regular basis, you can return your body back to its original healthy balanced state. – Source kangenwaterinfo.wordpress.com

Here is how this business opportunity is officially promoted:

Enagic Kangen Water Scam Presentation Video

Enagic Kangen Water Scam Reality

Enagic USA and its related branch offices are the dedicated distribution arm and marketing force for Enagic throughout the United States offering Kangen Water® ionization systems.

Enagic USA
4115 Spencer St.
Torrance, CA 90503, US

In 2001, Mr. Hironari Oshiro merged with a company in Japan by the name of Toyo Aitex. Mr. Oshiro then became the president of the Enagic company and the company was born. In 2003, Enagic entered the American market. – Source Kangenwaterhq

In my opinion, the stories that are used to sell these machines are ridiculous:

Miracle healing water wells have been known all over the world to exist in these parts of the world – Tlacote Mexico, Lourdes France, and Nordenau Germany.

People suffering from all kinds of illnesses travelled far to these parts of the world to treat themselves with “Miracle water”. Miraculously, many of them reported experiencing miracle healings after drinking the water.

Miracle Water in Your Own Home

In the 1950s, the Russians collected “Miracle water” samples in an attempt to discover its healing properties. They gathered one thing in common – Miracle healing water were water molecules that were micro-clustered and had high negative ORP reading.

In the early ’50s, the Japanese continued on the project and in a few years produced a portable sized alkaline water ionizer. They were subsequently approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health and used in hospitals since 1974.

Today 1 in 5 homes in Japan own a Kangen water machine. Now you can have one in your own home too.

– Source kangensingapore.com

Enagic’s water ionizers do a perfectly fine job ionizing water. The problem is ionizing water is of little use. So Enagic’s product itself is not a scam, but the promises that its representatives make about the health benefits of its products are.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a well-known book author and authority on nutrition from Harvard Medical School, was direct to the point when he said in one article: “The health claims for water ionizers and alkaline water are bogus. Save your money.” – Business.inquirer.net

The simplest reason that you know Alkaline water is a scam is that the stomach is always acid. If the acid is low, your stomach simply pumps in more. – Apswater.com

Drinking alkaline, oxygenated or ionized water does not change the blood pH level. – Fda.gov.ph

There is no sign-up fee to become a Distributor and no product purchase is required. It is, however, necessary to sell product to earn commissions, bonuses, and rank advancement.

You have to give up the commission for your first sale or you have to purchase equipment yourself to qualify for commissions. 

New representatives are sharing their commissions with potentially many other representatives above them who did not sell the product. A total of 8 points are paid out on each product sale, and the number of points paid to a Distributor is based upon his/her rank. Commission pay-out always begins with the Distributor that made the sale and is paid out up line from that point until all 8 points have been awarded.

The vast majority of a sales commission for a new representative is paid to their up line and not to the person who actually made the sale.

Here is interesting overview of this scam:

Without a doubt, MLM/Pyramid Scheme companies have been fleecing victims for decades and Kangen/Enagic is no exception; destroying families and tearing apart friends and communities. Most of these products are snake-oil “lotions and potions” promising to heal the sick and to extend life. Not one of them, however, likely ever has. In true Pyramid Scheme/MLM fashion, Kangen Distributors promise that their $4,000+ machine will extend life, cure cancer and at least 50 other ailments, and make the participant rich beyond their wildest imaginings (insert picture of big house, yacht and expensive sports car here). The company itself would never make such claims because they would be sued into non-existence. These “independent businesspeople”/distributors/network marketing consultants cite “miracle cure testimonials” by the dozens, yet credible research and formal case studies are of course predictably absent and lacking. If this machine actually cured disease, then it would surely be sold as a legitimate medical device and would be found in stores, clinics and doctors offices …. Distributors counter this argument by claiming a “medical conspiracy of the west” that aims to keep this “miracle cure” from the public (should this desperate argument surprise anyone?).

Clearly, the blatantly illegal words of pyramid schemers should not be trusted with regards to your health and treatment to serious diseases.

Furthermore, these MLM / Pyramid Scheme distributors are quick to wage war on anyone making critical posts about the company using Ad-Hominem attacks rather than addressing the legitimate criticisms that Kangen Water does not provide a proven cure or treatment for any disease or medical condition. They will typically accuse detractors as being from a competing company rather than addressing the issues presented (I myself don’t sell water filters/purifiers, etc. or work in the health care/MLM/water treatment industry so don’t even bother trying in the comments section). Just like all pyramid schemes and MLM scams, the vast majority of participants in the product lose money or make little to no money.

If Enagic Kangen Water machines were sold with no promises of riches, miracle cures or any health benefits then I would have no problem with it. – Source Pissedconsumer.com

In my opinion, this overview makes some very valid points.

Here are two complaints filed with the BBB that I think you will find interesting:

  1. Sales rep encouraged me to buy the bigger machine because the less costly machine did not have the beauty water, which it did also a cure of my cancer Same as above. Sales rep ***** Gray miss informed me about product and unfamiliar with details of product. I was diagnosed with cancer and I could not afford the bigger model. She stated the less expensive machine did not have the beauty water. After my research I researched the product and the less costly machine did have beauty water. I was also told my Cancer would be cured. I still have cancer and my condition has worsen. I have been drinking Kangen water for 2 years.
  2. Deceptive and untrue use of my name as being President Obama”s cardiologist in order to sell their machines. Company officials refused to rectify this I was cardiologist on call in the LA area for three US presidents, the last being Clinton. I was not their cardiologist, but just on call if they should have a problem while in LA. I was also on call for visiting dignitaries such as the Queen and Pope. I have virtually nothing to do with President Obama. I was recently considering a business arrangement with an MLM company. I was stunned that they declined a contract with me because I was SO HEAVILY INVOLVED with Enagic on the internet all over the world. I began to research the subject, and they apparently have been using my name and likeness to promote their product, kangen water for over four years. I was even more stunned to discover that their distributors were stating that I am actually Presidect Obama’s PERSONAL CARDIOLOGIST. They have displayed his likeness and mine, suggesting that he drinks kangen water. I have no relationship of any kind with President Obama. They have also displayed pictures of the Queen, Pope and me, also suggesting deceptive conclusions. I have never given Enagic permission to use my name or likeness. I called the US Enagic president, Mr. Go. and discussed this with him. I sent an email to him regarding this problem. Copies were sent also to the Enagic legal and compliance departments. Certified letters were also sent and and acceptance was confirmed. I spoke later with Mr. *** and he declined take any action. The company has the responsibility to regulate false advertising by their distributors, but will not do so because these ads make them so much money.


You have to give up the commission for your first sale or you have to purchase equipment yourself to qualify for commissions.


K8 $4,980.00
Kangen® 8 The Mighty 8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer The Kangen® 8 is now Enagic®’s most powerful antioxidant machine.

Leveluk SD501 $3,980.00
LeveLuk SD 501 Enagic’s Flagship Model The industry-leading continuous ionized electrolysis water generator system.

Leveluk JRII $2,380.00
LeveLuk JRII The JRII has three solid electrode plates which reduces the energy consumption.

Anespa $2,390.00
Mineral Ion Water Spa Enjoy the soothing feeling of being in a Hot Spring Resort everyday!

Leveluk SUPER 501 $5,980.00
The Leveluk Super 501 is Enagic’s top of the line model for heavy home use.

Leveluk SD501U $4,980.00
Enjoy the quality and power of the SD501 right at your kitchen sink.

Leveluk SD501 Platinum 5-language $4,280.00
The LeveLuk SD501 Platinum now comes in ONE machine capable of speaking all notifications in FIVE languages.

Leveluk R $1,480.00
Simplicity marries High Quality.

– Source Enagic.com

Kangen water in 20 minutes.

Compensation Plan

Click Here for the Enagic compensation plan.

A total of 8 points are paid out on each product sale, and the number of points paid to a Distributor is based upon his/her rank.

Commission pay-out always begins with the Distributor that made the sale and is paid out up line from that point until all 8 points have been awarded. If a Distributor within 8 levels beneath you advances to a higher rank, your maximum pay could be reduced.

At any given rank, you earn the amount due for your rank, less the amount due to other distributors between you and the sale.

Rank advancement is based on a combination of direct and group sales, and it is not necessary to advance ranks one at a time. An advance in rank is always initiated by a direct sale, but a Distributor will advance to whichever rank is qualified for, based on total accumulated sales volume. Once a rank is achieved, it is always retained until the next rank is attained. A Distributor never has to start over and Distributors ranked 2A and higher can have an unlimited number of direct sales.

The distributor ranks are from 1A to 6A.

1A Distributor – Qualification to Achieve this Rank:

  • Personally sell one unit (a unit sold to one self is counted as a sale)
  • Each direct sale made as a 1A represents a new 1A team selling beneath you

6A Distributor – Qualifications to Achieve this Rank:

  • Accumulate total sales of 100 units (direct and indirect)
  • You must personally sell one additional unit to be paid as this rank.
  • Each direct sale made as a 6A represents a new 6A team selling beneath you.

Income Disclosure

No income claims, income projections nor income representation, nor showing of commission checks (“check waving”) may be made to prospective independent distributors. – Source Enagic Policies and Procedures

Return Policy

A full refund minus shipping fees will be granted only if a product is returned and received by Enagic USA, Inc. unused within seven (7) days of receipt.

A used machine returned after seven (7) days, but before one (1) month, of receipt will be charged a Processing fee.

A machine in any condition may NOT be returned for a refund after one (1) month following receipt.

Enagic Kangen Water Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, the Enagic Kangen Water business opportunity is a recruiting scam. Since the qualification for commissions can be made by a personal purchase of equipment, the incentive is to have new representatives purchase the equipment and recruit others to do the same. Even with the company telling them not to, representatives use deceptive health and wealth claims to get people to purchase the equipment and join the business opportunity. Drinking alkaline, oxygenated or ionized water does not change the blood pH level. The vast majority of a sales commission for a new representative is paid to their up line and not to them. Spending thousands of dollars on a machine that changes the pH of your water is a poor investment and a poor business opportunity. I would avoid the Enagic Kangen Water business opportunity.