Update 2018: Pavel Krymov Arrested For Atlantic Global Asset Management And Questra World Scam.

A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often solicit new investors by promising to invest funds in opportunities claimed to generate high returns with little or no risk. In many Ponzi schemes, the fraudsters focus on attracting new money to make promised payments to earlier-stage investors to create the false appearance that investors are profiting from a legitimate business.  Ponzi schemes like to use uncommon or hidden investments to keep you in the dark about what is actually happening.  My subscribers have requested I take a look into Atlantic Global Asset Management.  Here is what I have found.

Atlantic Global Asset Management Scam Claims

Atlantic Global Asset Management  (A.G.A.M.) uses effective risk management by using data analysis and modeling for quantitative investments, choosing undervalued stocks in the marketplace at the time of purchase that have potential for near-term appreciation.

By combining the unique features of our insights, resources and active management capabilities bringing a truly differentiated experience to our investors. Providing high rate of return investment we have developed processes and skills which we believe are well suited for quality services through high-tech Internet platform, while maintaining high growth rates and effective risk management.

A.G.A.M. provides investors strategies with asset management focus on capital preservation, income generation and diversification. Using modern payment solutions we have achieved weekly paymens on investment portfolio income.

Here is how this investment is promoted:

Atlantic Global Asset Management Scam Presentation Video


Atlantic Global Asset Management Scam Reality

Antoninou Vieira Robalo is the president of Atlantic Global Asset Management (A.G.A.M.). A.G.A.M. was founded in 2016.  It is owned by  Questra Holdings.

Andrei Andreevich Abakoumov is the Chief Executive Officer and Manager of the Atlantic Global Asset Management C.A. investment fund.

It is claimed by A.G.A.M. that the equity investment fund has its roots in the financial holding SFG Group, operated since 2009.

I was unable to find any information on SFG group and their investments.

The actual people behind this scam are Alexander Prochukhan (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) and Pestyuk Cheslav (Minsk, Belarus). – Source scamquestra.com

Alexander Prochukhan

You can see Alexander Prochukhan driving up with the Questra Ferrari here:

These scammers have a long history of promoting scams: astral-polet.ru, capitall4you.ru, formuladeneg.com, fdinvest.net, oiltransinvest.com, and MMM.  – Source izhevsk.ru

They try to make you think they are headquartered in Spain. Questra Holdings is registered in the British Virgin Islands. The equity investment fund A.G.A.M. is registered in the Republic of Cape Verde, which is located in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal.  This scam uses offshore companies and an offshore bank to hide the actual location and identity of the owners.

They claim that their revenues come from four areas:

  1. Placement of foreign securities.
  2. Refinancing of companies that lost their capital for any reasons. Analysts of equity investment fund A.G.A.M. searching for those companies at the market, which are well-functioning, but do not have the required amount of money for their further functioning and growth. We analyze the economic situation and are looking for new sources of funding. Refinancing is the main form of income for investment banks and funds all around the world.
  3. Financial factoring. Having a trading contract with a real physical product and taking a pledge of shipping documents A.G.A.M. fund guarantees, speaking a third party, the commission payments. In this case the fund is a financial intermediary, whch earnes a good profit without risk, because without documents, that the fund pledged, goods are not released. The money will not go, but remain on the fund accounts, and for ensuring we get paid good money.
  4. Organization and carrying out of IPO. Equity investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management buys shares of the company, before they get to the IPO, as well as investing in the purchase of promising companies, followed by the creation and output of their own shares in the IPO. The company earns on the difference between the stock price, which is paid before the IPO, and the price, which is set at the time of the start of trading.

They offer very little information on who they are actually investing in. They offer no prospectus for you to see what you are investing in and the risks you are taking.  The management fees are incredible for amounts invested under 21,870 €: 21%-39%.

All Investment Amounts below 5,000 (five thousand) EUR are paid through one of their payment processors. All Investment Amounts which equal 5,000 (five thousand) EUR and above are paid through bank transfers.

The American Association of Individual Investors’ advice is to think twice before investing in a bond fund with an expense ratio approaching 1 percent, or a stock fund that charges more than 1.5 percent. – Source Usnews

They have been providing consistent 5%-7% weekly returns for many weeks.

Warning signs of a Ponzi scheme:

  • High returns with little or no risk. Every investment carries some degree of risk, and investments yielding higher returns typically involve more risk. Be highly suspicious of any “guaranteed” investment opportunity.
  • Overly consistent returns. Investments tend to go up and down over time. Be skeptical about an investment that regularly generates positive returns regardless of overall market conditions.
  • Secretive, complex strategies. Avoid investments if you don’t understand them or can’t get complete information about them.

FSMA warning about Questra Holdings/Atlantic Global Asset Management:

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns the public against the activities of Questra Holdings, a company that seems to offer investments in Belgium without complying with Belgian financial legislation.

Questra Holdings is not an authorized investment firm or credit institution in Belgium. It is therefore not allowed to provide banking and/or investment services in or from Belgium.

Moreover, the system proposed by Questra Holdings has every appearance of being of a pyramidal type or at least of a Ponzi fraud. For more information, the FSMA refers to the general warning it publishes today on this type of fraud.

The FSMA thus advises against responding to any investments offered by Questra Holdings and against transferring money to any account number it might mention. – Source fsma.be

The UKAustria, and Czech Republic have issued warnings about Questra as well.

The partners that A.G.A.M. lists are ways to pay them money and not partners that will make you money:

Perfect Money
Perfect Money is a financial service allowing the users to make payments and money transfers throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses. The system have million users throughout the world.

OKPAY is a rapidly growing company since 2007.It is a financial service allowing the users to make payments and money transfers throughout the Internet

Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system. The system is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary.

Worldpay is a payment processing company. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Get paid as a freelancer or webmaster, manage affiliate and payroll solutions for your online business, withdraw and shop with virtual and plastic cards, easily send money worldwide to literally anyone. Fast. Affordable. Never a problem.

In my opinion, this is a very sad attempt at trying to gain legitimacy for this Ponzi scheme.

A.G.A.M. is promoted through a MLM recruiting scam owned by Questra Holdings called Questra World.

“Questra World is an advertising broker with exclusive rights on promotion and sale of financial products of joint stock investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management.” – Source questraworld.es


You pay fees based on the amount of money you invest:

  • For management of portfolios within stock markets and operations with securities (“investment management fee for stock markets”) shall be provided in the chart below. The fee amount is charged on the % of the positive value of the Indicator of Investment Portfolio Management duly notified to the Investor by the end of each week. In case of negative value of the Indicator of Investment Portfolio Management by the results of the particular week investment management fee for stock markets shall not be charged for the relevant week;
  • For management of portfolio with the use of other instruments (“investment management fee for other markets”): 10% out of the positive value of the Indicator of Investment Portfolio Management duly notified to the Investor by the end of each week. In case of negative value of the Indicator of Investment Portfolio Management by the results of the particular week investment management fee for other markets shall not be charged for the relevant week;
  • Administrative Servicing Fee: 2.5% out of Investment amount per year. Administrative Servicing Fee shall be due and payable weekly on a calendar year basis, in advance, and shall be deducted from the Investor’s assets being in management of Investment Management Company. If additional investment amounts are contributed, a pro-rata fee will be due at the time of the deposit or on the next weekly billing. The fee will also be prorated for the week in which the account is terminated.
  • It is further agreed that Investor will bear the costs of all securities purchased for the Investor as well as taxes, interest (if any), brokerage fees and commissions, and custodian charges (if any) as well as registry fees in case of sale of its IC’s to IMC or third parties. Investor is hereby informed that different mutual funds may have a separate level of management fees.
Portfolio name Investment Amount, € Period of Allocation, days) Investment management fee
Vip Platinum 500 000 € 365 3%
Vip Gold 250 000 € 365 3%
Vip 100 000 € 365 3%
Indigo 65 610 € 365 7%
Black 21 870 € 365 10%
Red 7 290 € 365 21%
Blue 2 430 € 365 24%
Green 810 € 365 30%
Yellow 270 € 365 36%
White 90 € 365 39%


They have no retail products for you to sell.  You buy into the Ponzi scheme and you can recruit others to do the same thing.

Questra World Compensation Plan

Questra World Scam Compensation Plan Video

An Agent’s compensation depends on the agent level which they are on in the ranks of the company. The basis for calculating of the compensation is the Agent profitability coefficient and their agents’ sales volume.

The Agent’s compensation is equal to the multiplication of all Agent sales during the current month in accordance with their sales level and is credited in the “questra points” (Questra Points, “QP”) currency. Reward earning is carried out automatically after every sale is made. In calculating the Agent compensation the volume of sales made by the Agent personally, as well as by their structure shall be taken into account. The compensation payment to the Agent is done exclusively by the partner company on the terms agreed in this Agreement. The Principal does not carry out any payments to the Agent themselves, and works with the Agents only to attract customers to their partner companies.

Each Agent receives information on all Questra World Global and partner companies’ products, sold as a result of their promotional and advisory activities, as well as promotional activities of their structure, through the personal account.

The relationship between the Agent and their employees, acting under their leadership, is determined in accordance with the career ladder, approved by Questra World Global.

If someone from the Agent’s staff structure has reached the same level of the career ladder as the Agent, the Agent shall not receive the compensation for this staff member starting from equalizing of their levels.

Upon equalizing of the levels according to the career ladder, an advancing employee’s results are included in the Agent’s total volume.

If a junior employee reaches the level which is higher than the level of their Agent, the service relationship should not be fully completed, unless these levels are equalized again for the next 3 months.

If someone from the Agent’s structure staff reaches the same level of the career ladder as the Agent, the Agent is not entitled to receive compensation for this staff member starting from their level equalizing.

All Agent’s compensation is calculated in accordance with the career ladder.

Awards, which the Agent receives from their employees, lower level managers, make up the difference between the Agent’s rate of return in accordance with their agent level and the coefficient of their employee, a junior manager profitability.

If a junior agent terminates the contractual relationship with Questra World Global, the maintenance of the structure they created is taken by a superior agent. An appropriate recalculation of benefits is carried out.

Upon reaching the level 4 in career of Questra World Global and after obtaining the written consent of the Principal, the Agent shall be entitled to open a consultation office Questra World Global or an office – Representative of partner companies at their own expense.



Sales % Yield
11 level Super Director more than 100, 000, 000 euro 15%
10 level Managing Director more than 30, 000, 000 euro 15%
9 level Platinum Director more than 10, 000, 000 euro 15%
8 level Golden Director more than 3, 000, 000 euro 14.5%
7 level Silver Director more than 1, 000, 000 euro 14%
6 level Bronze Director more than 500, 000 euro 13%
5 level Platinum Agent more than 100, 000 euro 12%
4 level Golden Agent more than 50, 000 euro 10.5%
3 level Silver Agent more than 25, 000 euro 9%
2 level Bronze Agent more than 3, 000 euro 7%
1 level Newcomer up to 3, 000 euro jointly 5%

The Agent has the right to receive additional bonuses from Questra World Global under the bonus program. In accordance with the terms of the bonus program the Agent should provide the sales required to meet the conditions of the bonus program personally or together with their structure.

Questra World Global Loyalty program is not tied to the level of the Agent and it entirely depends on Agent and their structure’s sales. For gaining bonuses one agent can not make more than 50% of the required sales of the entire structure.

Upon reaching sales of 25,000 euros the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 1.000 QP.

After reaching a sales volume of 50,000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 2.000 QP.

Upon reaching sales of 100,000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 5.000 QP.

Upon reaching sales of 500,000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 20.000 QP.

Upon reaching sales of 1,000 000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 50.000 QP.

Upon reaching sales of 3,000,000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 150 000 QP.

Upon reaching sales of 10,000,000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 500 000 QP.

Upon reaching sales of 30,000,000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward in the amount of 700 000 QP.

Upon reaching sales of 100,000,000 euros, the Agent both personally and together with their structure receive a reward of $ 1 million QP.

Upon reaching level 11 – “Super Director” and having received a one-time bonus of 1 million QP, the Super Director receives an additional bonus in the amount of 250 000 QP, for each new “Super director” of the 11th level in the structure up to 5th line depth.

The Agent can make their objections to the accrued bonuses within 15 calendar days after the bonus calculation to Questra World Global email. – Source questraworld.es

Risk Disclosure

The Company does not guarantee income and does not give any assurances in relation to income from operations carried out by it under the Contract with the Client. The Client shall accept the decision made by the financial market transactions with financial tools, as well as determine the investment strategy. Transactions in financial markets may result in financial loss; past experience does not determine financial results in the future. Any financial success of others does not guarantee the same results for the Client. The Client should carefully consider whether the risks associated with conducting operations are acceptable to them, in view of the investment objectives and financial capabilities. – Source atlanticgam.es

Atlantic Global Asset Management Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, the Atlantic Global Asset Management scam is a Ponzi scheme. They are using newer investor money to pay old investors. They hide the owners of the scam by using offshore companies.  This keeps you from finding out about the long history of scams like MMM that have been run by the owners of this Ponzi scheme.  The regular high returns provided by this investment can only be provided by a Ponzi scheme.  The ridiculously high management fees at low investment amounts are used to drive people to invest large amounts of money in this scam. No prospectus is provided for this investment. A MLM recruiting scam is used to increase the amount of victims for this Ponzi scheme. There have been many warnings by regulators about this scam. I would avoid the Atlantic Global Asset Management scam.