Onecoin Scam Exposed By Blockchain Expert

The warnings about the Onecoin scam continue to roll in. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, better known by its abbreviation BaFin, has frozen bank accounts that were used to transfer money out of Germany for the Onecoin scam. BaFin is the financial regulatory authority for Germany.

On April 5, 2017 BaFin ordered IMS International Marketing Services GmbH to immediately cease and wind down its unauthorized money remittance business with investors in “OneCoin” for Onecoin Ltd, Dubai.

On behalf of Onecoin Ltd, IMS International Marketing Services GmbH had investors who had bidden to buy “OneCoins” transfer the sales price to various accounts held by IMS International Marketing Services GmbH with different banks in Germany and forwarded the money on behalf of Onecoin Ltd to third parties, based in particular outside of Germany.

Now a blockchain expert is stepping up and exposing the Onecoin scam:

0:00-11:27 Norwegian system specialist and blockchain expert Ыфгп Ыегске tells about what is wrong with Onecoin, its blockchain, how Onecoin transactions are not recorded in the blockchain, and how he was contacted by a recruitment company to work for Onecoin.

11:28-16:40 ex-OneCoin leader tells about Tanzania event which resulted police interference, and how he was told by a top leader that Onecoin had no blockchain before October 1st 2016.

16:41 Tim Curry tells more about Tanzania event and what happened with Daniel Grenon there.

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