Fake News Strikes OneCoin Macau Event

The Gerlach Report said on April 27th, 2017 that “China bans the OneCoin event on May 7th at the Studio City Event Center in Macau. The world-wide meeting of leading OneCoin heads promises ‘pioneering decisions and decisions’ with VIP prizes of € 10,000. This is a bitter blow to the OneCoin fraud system. In Macau, the date for the alleged exchange of the company should be mentioned. But the stock exchange has also moved far into the distance.”

It seems that this has turned out to be fake news.  The OneCoin event has been started as planned.  Even if action is taken after the event, the original story seems to be inaccurate.

Here is video from the event that includes Ruja Ignatova on stage:

“Since Macau is also dependent on Chinese law, chief administrator Fernando Chui has now been instructed to ‘prohibit the planning of a OneCoin / OneLife event in Macau ‘. Corresponding instructions were also given to hotels and other possible venues according to information from : gerlachreport”

In my opinion, everyone reporting on OneCoin will have to double check each source from now on.