Forever Living Products Scam Exposed

Radar TV in the Netherlands has released an exposé of the Forever Living Products (FLP) scam. I have included below an English subtitled version of this exposé so you can see what they found.

Here are some highlights:

A solution to your money problems or a great way to lose all your friends?

It turns you into sort of a parasite, profiting from your social circle.

You feel angry, you feel you were cheated. You feel, well, you were scammed.

They (FLP) seem to very effectively press the buttons in people’s brains. They play on the emotions that are so fundamental to our behavior….

Playing on very fundamental emotions affects everyone – irrespective of intelligence.

Forever Living Products is a very effective marketing machine, and extremely difficult to resist. You can’t really guard yourself against effective manipulation and marketing.

During our visit to FLP’s “Success Day” we asked everyone we meet about their earnings. Remarkably, no one makes enough to earn a living.

Forever Living Products is often called a cult.

5000 people place orders each month.

1 out of 7 make a full or part-time income.

Over 100 people make a full-time income from FLP.

12 people make 10,000 euros per month.

– Source

What they fail to mention in their numbers is how many people are actually distributors for this company in the Netherlands. This is how MLMs bend the numbers. They claim that all those people that are not making money just want to be customers and they have no interest in making money. In my opinion, this is deception.

Dutch viewers, please watch here: