OneCoin Fake Documents Exposed

I received the following comment from a OneCoin supporter: “Are you sure that OneCoin is a scam? If a scam then why has the Vietnam government legalize it. You are a turtle living in a well!”  To the best of my knowledge, I have never been a turtle living in a well.  Also, OneCoin has not been legalized by the Vietnamese Government.  A document was being passed around that claimed that OneCoin was legalized in Vietnam.

Also, the following announcement was made on the website:


On 16/6/2017, the Hanoi Investment Management Department officially signed the document confirming that the ONECOIN electronic money business of TRIDENT CRYPTO ACADEMY is not contrary to the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In addition, according to the ONECOIN CEO, Vietnam became the first country in Asia to be licensed by the government. The company has an official office located in Hanoi: Floor 12, 789 Building of the Ministry of Defense, Hoang Viet Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.


Here is what this official document looked like:

OneCoin Fake Document

Many people contacted the government to find out if they had legalized OneCoin.  After reviewing the documents, The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) issued Document No. 329 / VP-HC to the Department of Financial and Monetary Security (A84).

Here is what they had to say:

The forged document number 116/2017 / PĐ-BKH ĐT has the seal of the Department of Management, signed by Nguyen Dang Truong as the title, Deputy Director of the Department of Management. The Office of MPI confirms that the above documents are forged by the Department of Investment and Planning for many reasons.

The document mentioned above dated 16/6/2017, assuming the signature of Mr. Nguyen Dang Truong as the Chairman, Deputy Director General of DOLISA. However, at this time, Mr. Nguyen Dang Truong was named Director of DAM and did not hold the position of Chairman at any agency or association.

The DOL specifically promulgated legal documents guiding the implementation of the law on tendering for organizations and individuals nationwide, so the signature of Mr. Nguyen Dang Truong and the seal of DOLISA Copied, fake. Document No. 116/2017 / BD-BKHDT above is an example.

– Source

Recently OneCoin leaders have been pushing lots of fraudulent stories to get people to signup and give them their money. It seems they are starting to get really desperate.

OneCoin leaders recent fraudulent stories:

  • Swiss police close investigation
  • Italy “problem” is solved and company makes announcement
  • Tokyo Olympics will use OneCoin as its official cryptocurrency as announced by Pierre Arens
  • OneCoin will be legal in Russia
  • OneCoin will be legal and an official currency in Vietnam

In my opinion, the problems with OneCoin will not be solved because it is a scam.