Team Beachbody Scam From The Inside Out

Here is the experience of one of my subscribers with the Team Beachbody business opportunity.  I thought you would find it of value.  Kathy (not her real name) tried Team Beachbody twice and ended up leaving both times.

Here is Kathy’s story:

Team Beachbody TBB was “sold” to me as a way to help me. I was sought out on Facebook in 2009.

I had owned my own fitness center, and was an accredited fitness instructor.

I also was just reeling from a devastating divorce, that left me and my 10 year old son virtually penniless, homeless and me without a job. I was moved from Vancouver, Canada to California. Thank goodness I had family in the area who were able to help me out.

One of the original coaches, who eventually became something like a 10 star Diamond level, and was buddies with Carl Daikeler, Tony Horton and all the illuminaries who were star trainers, found me on FB because I was posting about being a personal fitness instructor/trainer.

I had joined TBB as a coach and then quit nearly immediately. I was assigned a coach or upline whom I never heard from. And I didn’t understand the business.

Then this coach who was firmly entrenched started contacting me. She and her then husband were high level coaches. He was so high up in the organization that he quit being a lawyer and she quit being a teacher.

She contacted me nearly every day selling me on TBB. What good shape I was in…and how good this opportunity was. It was insidious how she just kept working me. Talking to me, chatting with me. Finding out about my life little by little.

After I waited the required time period of six months after cancelling my first TBB coach business before I could sign up again, she was right there. She offered me her friend’s business saying her friend quit and she could assign it to me and that it was established with a lot of customers. That was the first big lie. Yes, there was a list of names and customers who had purchased in the past. But not one other coach under this business. The coach who was working me had them reassigned to her…

So with all the flattery and interest in me, my son and my life I decided to go for it again. I mean, she was handing me a developed business! Or so I thought.

The moment I plunked down my “modest” fee of $39.95, I had a business!! YAY! THEN she was insistent that I sign up two people below me so I could immediately become an emerald coach. She suggested (although it was “bending the rules) that I sign up my mom and just maintain her business. She never needed to be involved. They just need her info and SS# and a credit card. Then I signed up a very good friend, who had always been there for my son and me. He was my son’s “uncle”. Adored him. SO he was a legitimate coach. And he maintained his coach business for years and years just so I could get a check every week. He bought a ton of product because he was trying to lose weight. He stuck with me to the bitter end so I could get a check.

At one point I had 7 part time jobs. Including TBB. But the expenditures continued to mount to keep my status to get a check to cover my expenses and maybe put some money in the bank.

When I signed up my two coaches below me, my coach was very pushy about that. The reason she said was that if I signed up two people immediately that I would get a big check. Around $3000 that was waiting in the queue, so to speak, and if I didn’t do it before the rules changed or before TBB caught on, I would lose that money. And $3000 looked REALLY good to a single, struggling mother. So I did it. AND I got that check.

Then I was hooked. I was all about TBB. I was a walking advertisement for the workouts. I had also been a stunt woman, circus artist and professional water skier. SO being in shape was a part of my life.

I DID get in the best shape of my life. And in about 90 days. I was CUT. I was in practically body builder shape. Lean and muscular.

What I didn’t mention is that when I started with TBB I was 49. That age where a woman wants to maintain her looks and her physique. Plus it a little bit of revenge against my former husband to look amazing. LOL. And I DID.

What you have to understand is that a woman of 49 who has been basically an athlete all her life will have a physical tipping point.

I STARTED with P90X. No, I didn’t work up to it. That was my starting point! The “elite” workout. The workout to end all workouts. It was beautiful. People stopped me on the street, in restaurants, etc., to comment on what good shape I was in. Perfect selling opportunity, right? That is the TBB mantra. Two encounters a day and sell those products.
Ok, fast forward. I am making some money with the older model of TBB. I am wearing the tshirts when I go out. I am having friends and strangers contact me. It’s all pretty good.

At that time, though, there were only about 22,000 coaches in the country. It had not spread to Mexico and Canada. SO you COULD make some money and the market was not saturated with P90X and Insanity and Turbo Fire. It was new and it was exciting and well, you should have seen my body! Now there are hundreds of thousands of coaches. The message is old and not cutting edge anymore.

Understand to maintain that physique is WORK! And then I went through menopause. More on that in a bit.

Not only that but about a year and a half into it people starting dropping off my business list. Friends started cancelling purchases, People started hiding my posts on Facebook. A friend was kind enough to tell me that later on.

My checks started dwindling. OH and did I mention that after I signed up that my coach, for all intents and purposes, disappeared. Impossible to get by phone or email or internal message through TBB?

I ended up having to teach myself the business and all its ins and outs and rules and regulations. That cost many many paychecks for not fulfilling the rules to get my check. SO they kept quite a bit of money for minor things. To make sure that didn’t happen, if I wasn’t getting enough sales I had to make sure I met my personal volume – PV. At least $50 per month. BUT NO products equal $50. They have made sure of that. So I was spending a lot more on workouts, accessories, supplements, and Shakeology. (the healthiest meal of the day! Rubbish….) plus shipping and tax. And that didn’t include weekly membership to get a paycheck and to get leads, which changed to additionally being a member of the Success Club to get leads.

At the end I ended up throwing away so many bottles of supplements. I couldn’t GIVE them away. No-one wanted them. I gave away as gifts so many damn exercise bands and workouts.

You weren’t allowed to sell any surplus stock unless it was through your TBB “websites”. Which means it’s not your stock it is a direct line to the TBB store.

NO Ebay, no Amazon, no Craigslist. Or you got a warning. Yes those were part of the rules…and I got an email from the compliance department about it once. Rules are rules. But you can be sure the day I pressed send on my resignation and cancellation that I sold many, many workouts on Ebay! I had to try to get some of my investment back!

I also ended up with osteoarthritis exacerbated by these workouts. HIIT- High intensity interval training. High impact workouts, high weight loads, unsafe pressure on the joints. BUT LOOK AT ME I am amazing! I am fit! I am gorgeous. I am 53 years old and HOT!! It totally fed into my insecurity of a divorcee, a single mom, a broke mom… at least I had confidence and felt good about myself.

I do my best not to be hard on myself about all of this.

Then they raised the requirements, the stakes, the diamonds were getting richer, the lower ranks were not and were dropping out like flies. The customer and coach attrition was monumental. So I suppose that is why they need to do so much insidious marketing. Preying on the overweight, the lonely, the sad, the depressed.

It was only when I got a great job and also was able to train and have great students that I realized I could let that trickle in of money go. I had been thinking about it for a couple of years.

The exercises got harder to do, my joints hurt, I gained some weight.

Although, as my NEW, amazing, husband says I look better now than as someone who overtrained and had very little femininity in her body.

The day I cancelled myself, my mom and called my friend to tell him to cancel, I felt a huge relief. Like I had been in a cult, like I had been brainwashed. I was unstuck. I was free.

And do you know the only thing my “coach” said to me when she saw I had quit and ended the business she “gave” me? (which by the way all those customers she gave me disappeared. She didn’t do me any favors.) She said “why would you cancel when the business was still making money?” YES, still making money for her because EVERY sale I made she got a cut. It was all a trickle down. I was cutting into her SIX figure income with TBB with me and my mom and my friend cancelling. She had about 20000+ customers and coaches under her. I would be interested to see how many were long term and how many she had to continue to replenish.

Well, you can see I am not a dumb person. I was vulnerable. This isn’t the whole story but it is the most important parts.

I am adamantly against ANY MLM now and I can hear the pitch coming a mile away! I will cut people off, tell them like it is, block them on Facebook. I will NEVER go down that road again.

It was a wonderful life lesson.

Thank you so very much for reading this.

Be well,