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LuLaRoe Refund Twitter Storm Developing

In a growing Twitter storm, LuLaRoe is being taken to task over a failure to provide refunds to customers who believe they should receive refunds for defective products through their Make Good program.

What the “MAKE GOOD Program” Covers

If, between January 1, 2016 and April 24, 2017, you purchased our product in the United States directly from an authorized LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer, you may be entitled to a product replacement, a LuLaRoe Gift Card, or refund for the original purchase price if the product purchased contained a defect in materials or workmanship. – Source

Emails were sent out letting people know that their refunds would be mailed out by 7/5/2017.  That does not seem to have happened for many representatives.

Here is a small sample of what is being said at #refundsforalllularoe:

#becauseoflularoe I have learned how to file fraud and theft complaints with the @FTC Thank @LuLaRoe! #refundsforalllularoe

Seriously again #LuLaRoe no check in the mail!! Can’t even get a refund refund from the #makegood program! #refundsforalllularoe

#lularoe making up rules as they go, taking back previous approvals after telling customers $$ was mailed 7/5 #refundsforalllularoe @FTC

@LuLaRoe planning convention with all the refund money before they file bankruptcy #refundsforalllularoe #weareLLRdefective #baitandswitch