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Questra World/Atlantic Global Asset Management Promotion Suspended In Italy

On July 20, 2017 the Italian CONSOB (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa) or Italian Securities and Exchange Commission, suspended promotion of Questra World/Atlantic Global Asset Management from one of the top Facebook pages promoting this scam.  This is similar to the action they took against another scam called Coinspace.  CONSOB is taking an active role in shutting down the promotion of unregistered investments in Italy.

Here is how Questra World/Atlantic Global Asset Management is promoted:

Atlantic Global Asset Management  (A.G.A.M.) uses effective risk management by using data analysis and modeling for quantitative investments, choosing undervalued stocks in the marketplace at the time of purchase that have potential for near-term appreciation.

By combining the unique features of our insights, resources and active management capabilities bringing a truly differentiated experience to our investors. Providing high rate of return investment we have developed processes and skills which we believe are well suited for quality services through high-tech Internet platform, while maintaining high growth rates and effective risk management.

A.G.A.M. provides investors strategies with asset management focus on capital preservation, income generation and diversification. Using modern payment solutions we have achieved weekly paymens on investment portfolio income.

Here is a translated version of why this shutdown for Questra World/Atlantic Global Asset Management has happened:

CONSIDERED that, as a result of the supervisory activity carried out by Consob, evidence has been gained regarding the conduct of a promotional activity aimed at individuals residing in Italy with a view to offering to the public ” investment portfolios ” promoted by Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management;

DETERMINED that on the basis of the information published on the Facebook page and on several other websites, the purchase of the ” investment portfolios ” offered by the predecessor companies requires the member to use their own funds for the purpose of To obtain a return on profits paid at pre-established maturities, with the assumption of the risk associated with the use of the capital invested by Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management;

CONSIDERED, therefore, that the purchase of such ” investment portfolios ” seems to have the characteristics of a financial investment whose concept involves the coexistence of: (i) capital use; (Ii) an expected return on a financial nature; (Iii) the assumption of a risk associated with the use of capital;

DETERMINED that the purchase of such ” investment portfolios “, which are characterized by characteristics, is promoted in standardized and uniform terms, thus enabling users to decide whether to buy them or not, thus integrating the assumptions of a ‘ Offer to the public of financial products defined in the art. 1, paragraph 1, lett. T) of the Tuf as ” any communication addressed to persons in any form whatsoever that provides sufficient information on the terms and conditions of the offer and the financial products offered so as to put an investor capable of deciding to buy or subscribe such securities Financial products, including placement through authorized subjects “;

DETERMINED, following inquiries carried out on the Internet , that the related initiative is promoted through the Facebook page;

Also noted:

– that the essential elements of the investment offered by Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management (the minimum amounts of the different types of ” portfolio “, returns to the website of Facebook Associated with them, periodicity of payments);

– that such investment is presented in a clearly humane manner and that there is a special link on the same page that allows interested savers to sign up for the initiative;

DETERMINED, in particular, that:

– The posts posted on the Facebook page at are almost exclusively aimed at highlighting the alleged returns from the investment offered by Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management (“Let’s start at the big , The first-time annuity of the year 7.03% “,” It continues to great 6.47% This annuity is devoted to all the negative people “,” Strepitosi also results this week 7.13% Another great annuity ” );

– In support of these statements, on the same page, are published statements allegedly addressed by Atlantic Global Asset Management / Questra World to the authors of the same, which would certify the profits made so far by them;

CONSIDERED, therefore, that through the Facebook page to carry out advertising activities aimed at promoting the adherence to public offerings promoted by Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management;

DETERMINED, moreover, that the advertising activity is aimed at the public resident in Italy, since the contents of the page are available in Italian;

CONSIDERING that art. 101 para. 2 of the Tuf stipulates that: “ Prior to the publication of the prospectus, any advertising relating to offers to the public of financial products other than Community financial instruments shall be prohibited “;

NOTES that the related prospectus has not been published in relation to the described offer;

CONSIDERING therefore that there is a well-founded suspicion of advertising activity in relation to the offering to the public of investment programs in breach of the aforementioned legislation and that such activity is still under way;

HAVING REGARD TO ART. 101, paragraph 4, lett. B) of the Tuf, under which Consob may, in the event of a well-founded suspicion of violation of the provisions relating to advertising, ” suspend, for a period of not more than 90 days, the further dissemination of the ad Advertising relating to an offer for products other than those referred to in point (a) (Community financial instruments, etc.) “;

CONSIDERING that, given the existence of these conditions, the urgency of adopting the above-mentioned measure is felt;


It is suspended, for a period of 90 days, to carry out advertising through the Facebook page regarding the public offering of investment portfolios promoted by Questra World, Questra Holdings and Atlantic Global Asset Management.

This resolution will be published in the Consob Bulletin.

Against this provision, it is permitted to appeal to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio within 60 days of the date of publication.

20 July 2017

Giuseppe Vegas

– Source