The Empower Network Goes Bankrupt

The end has finally come for the Empower Network.  This abusive scam has taken advantage of an endless stream of people.  It has wreaked lives including the owner of it. Scams hurt people.

Not that long ago David Wood created a crazy video while he was high on drugs trying to get more people to join this scam. Now, David Wood has announced the bankruptcy of the Empower Network.

We live in a world of scarcity and David Wood has finally had to face this fact.

Here is what I said about the Empower Network back in 2013:

The reality is the Empower Network scam is a product-based pyramid scheme. They “Virtually Guarantee” your success if you buy their full set of products, but in reality you are virtually guaranteed to lose money if you buy their full set of products. For a long time they did not even have a return policy and now they offer you 14 days. This company is taking advantage of new marketers and bullies them out of their money by calling them wussies if they don’t give it to them.

Here is the Empower Network bankruptcy announcement by David Wood:


The Empower Network is going to go bankrupt.

We lost a lot of money because of bad accounting.

I was messed up and desperate.

I was taking ADD medication.

I was taking testosterone.

I took plant medication and it cured my addictions.  Someone put amphetamines in my plant medication.

I got arrested today. I got in a fight with security guards and was tased.

I am glad I destroyed the company. I am happy it is done.

I am Mormon again.

I am really tired.

We will rebuild trust with leaders.

The market needs to heal.