Valentus Slimroast Sold Illegally In The UK

Charlotte Thomson a UK distributor of Valentus shared in a live Facebook video her experience in being confronted at her door by a Trading Standards Officer.

“…I have basically been told by Trading Standards that I cannot sell these products anymore, I cannot be associated with this company anymore, because it is trading illegally in the UK. That is a fact.” – Source Charlotte Thomson

Valentus is a nutritional supplements company in the multi-level marketing industry that features a weight loss management coffee product in the form of dispenser sticks that can be added to and mixed with water.

The National Trading Standards delivers national and regional consumer protection enforcement. Its Board is made up of senior and experienced heads of local government trading standards from around England and Wales with an independent Chair. Its purpose is to protect consumers and safeguard legitimate businesses by tackling serious national and regional consumer protection issues and organised criminality and by providing a “safety net” to limit unsafe consumer goods entering the UK and protecting food supplies by ensuring the animal feed chain is safe. – Source

“My business has been completely taken away from me, out of my control and I’m devastated. But, I’ve got to move on. I’m not the first this has happened to, and I certainly won’t be the last. And this is why I am trying to get the message across, because there will be more, there will be more knocks on doors, whether it’s in Cornwall or London or wherever. They’re watching and they know what we’re doing and unfortunately we have been misled and we have been told a pack of lies, and now we are in a situation and it’s not the fat cats at the top that are worried about this, it’s the girls that have been working their arses off, like me.”

Here is a screen shot of a letter received by her from a Tradings Standards Officer: