SwisCoin Scam Shutdown In Ukraine

There is a continuous stream of scam cryptocurrencies that are being created and promoted to people.  One of them has just been shutdown in Ukraine. The Prosecutor General’s Office together with the National Police uncovered an illegal scheme aimed at taking funds of individuals under the pretext of the introduction of a cryptocurrency.

It is established that some citizens of Ukraine by prior agreement with a citizen of the Republic of India in Ukraine organized a criminal scheme aimed at the seizure of funds of persons by deception and abuse of trust, on a large scale.

They had artificially created the commercial project to introduce in Ukraine SwisCoin. – Source gp.gov.ua

Searches have been carried out in the offices and homes of the people that were involved in this crime. Money was found as well as weapons and ammunition.

As part of the investigation, it was established that citizens of Ukraine, on a preliminary conspiracy with a citizen of the Republic of India, organized a criminal scheme in the territory of Ukraine aimed at capturing the money of individuals, by deception and abuse of trust, on a particularly large scale, “the supervisory agency notes.

Swiscoin attracted more than $500,000 during a recent Initial Coin Offering.

The money that was received in this scam was “distributed among the members of the criminal group and appropriated by them.”

In the world there are about 800 different crypto-currencies, one of them is SwisCoin. The co-founder of the system was the Indian Yogesh Patel.

The price of the cryptocurrency rose in 2015 from $0.1 to $2.52, the peak price was on August 10, 2016 – $7.35, and the maximum capitalization – $495 million – February 17, 2017). Since March 2017, this crypto currency (SCN code) was not traded. the last exchange rate was only $0.003764.