Charles Scoville vs USI-Tech Scam


In an interesting turn of events, Charles Scoville of Traffic Monsoon infamy has decided to try his hand at scam busting.  His target is the USI-Tech scam. Let’s take a look at his efforts. It is always interesting to see a new scam buster at work.

Charles posted the following on Facebook on 9/27/2017:

It looks like the gloves have come off. This is an interesting statement from someone that has been shutdown by the SEC for running a scam. Charles has much more to say about USI-Tech.

Charles Scoville’s thoughts on USI-Tech:

Please share so that more people can learn the truth about USI-TECH. Just remember, the thing people say is the only problem I had is I trusted the wrong people. Trusting the right people is hard when psychopaths are involved, and it’s hard to determine who in your life is fake and only using you for your money, or telling you nice things for their own benefit.

A psychopath will harm you and deceive you and feel no guilt or shame about what they have done… they think only about their own benefit… and will do all that it takes to get what they want, even if that means cheating, lying, tricking, manipulating, stealing, etc.. without thought of how their actions will impact anyone else.

they have no soul.. they feel no shame or guilt and they do whatever they want to hurt people and get as much gain from others as they want, and they walk away and do it again without even feeling anything about that at all.. emptiness, but they put on a mask of warmth, charm, charisma, and all that you want them to be while they take advantage of you.

NO ONE could possibly tell YOU to invest in a company without YOU being able to verify trades are real… without being a psychopath! They are taking advantage of your inability to see USI-TECH as the ponzi scheme that it is. No real trades! And they certainly wouldn’t proceed without any proof FIRST!!

Spreading FALSE HOPE that trades are real is more destructive upon people than WARNING people that they are probably fake since no proof exists, except more destructive upon your commissions. If determining whether trades exist is a question, then again it’s another clue for people to open their eyes.. a security exists, and regulators NEED to be in place to ensure trades are real, which is what the SEC does. The SEC even said they do this regardless if the security is traded in USD or bitcoin. Since this is what USI-TECH is offering to the USA, then they must be registered and licensed with the SEC, otherwise their offer is a likely fraud.

USI-TECH leaders and laywers appear to be lying and participating in the deception..They are trying to say there isn’t a security involved, when there is certainly:

1. OFFER is for a placement of money
2. OFFER says the money is being managed by the company
3. OFFER claims money is being used in such a way to generate returns
4. OFFER owes any returns to their client.

That is a security by legal definition, and anyone following the TM case would know that, and would see for sure that USI-TECH truly is offering a security, and anyone who thinks differently is being lied to. Anyone who read’s TM’s website would see this is not something being offered on TM, which means a security truly isn’t involved… and if you thought there was anything like this involved in TM, then you were lied to–
I agree with USI-TECH leaders about getting facts straight. I have a video with Ralf Gold where he described his business and his offer, and based upon his description the offer of USI-TECH is a security.

If someone is offering you to trade with your money.. YOU need to be sure they are really trading with your money, but so far they have resisted to provide truth and worked hard to deceive people why they don’t need to provide proof.

Honestly, no one should be investing there until the facts are straight and the proof is provided. I 100% agree with USI-TECH leaders, people should get the facts straight. 100% agree with USI-TECH leaders about getting the truth before putting your money into USI-TECH..
When you recommend people to invest in a company that’s not supplying any proof of trades, it’s terrible advice. It’s setting people up to potentially lose their money on a scam which isn’t actually trading with your money!

Fact is, until now they haven’t provided any authentic proof that all returns are coming from where they say, and 0% from new investor funds.. and since none of that has been provided, honestly– anyone offering good advice would NEVER tell people to invest anywhere without full disclosure from the start. I’m just saying. No one should be investing over there without full authentic proof.

Yes, TM is not online because of this bogus case. Anyone can see there is no security involved in TM… but while this case is going on which has hurt all of us enough already, I want each of you to find a way to be happy and earning an income while this case is going on. To be involved in a business without proof of trades… I’m afraid it won’t last for you, and the fall will be really bad for you and how people think about people who were involved after it goes down.

I truly love all my TM members. I want what’s best for all of you and want to see you all happy in life, and find the happiness that will last and not build upon a foundation of a lie (no real trading activity).

CALL WITH USI-TECH CO-OWNER 3 MAY 2017 WAS SETUP TO PROVIDE ME PROOF OF TRADES. Watch as USI-TECH co-owner Ralf Gold (associate of Dr Lieven Van Neste from HourlyRevShare) explains why USI-TECH can’t provide proof. He says it’s because the 3rd parties that do the trades won’t provide USI-TECH the proof. That’s crap. (obviously they would have record of money sent and money returned from their 3rd party)

Comment below how much other bull-crap you can find in this video…
— why not share this video? What about transparency?
— for example, needing lawyer’s permission to fully disclose everything to investors, when that’s precisely the legal requirement the lawyers should be telling them to meet. Everyone should see full disclosure of reality of trades.
— listen to how he describes “how the bitcoin packages work” and how they trade with people’s money, source of returns, how they generate profit.. and listen to how they change their story today.
— Kevin Thompson is no longer working with USI-TECH.. wonder why?
— Proof coming in 2-3 weeks from 3 May 2017, but never came, and only avoided to be provided and now explained they don’t need to by their lawyer’s opinion, and that they don’t need to register with the SEC. Proof is coming the end of October. Will it really?
— the description of what they are offering in this video most certainly is a security and must be registered with the SEC if offered to USA citizens.
— John’s question at the end is about putting money into USI-TECH.. USI-TECH is trading with it.. and then there are returns on those trades given to the person who put that money into USI-TECH. This is the legal definition of what a security is.
— finding B.S. in this video is very easy to do.
— Ralf Gold is a German-Brazilian guy that was linked very close to the owners of some scammy sites in the past. AdsProfitReward, Uppergame, MX FAST MONEY, WORLD CONSUMER ALLIANCE, AdsProfitWiz, APR CLICKS, BBOOM, and top promoter in HourlyRevShare with “Dr. Lieven”
— This is probably another one of those scammy sites Ralf Gold is related to.

look at timestamp 21.52 (-10.15) Ralf Gold is talking about having their own financial license for USI-TECH “ready this month” this is valid in the whole world to make own brokers and bullion, everything. This is what Ralf Gold said. Remember this was recorded 3 May 2017. They still don’t have any financial license to do what they’re doing. I just want to point attention to the mountains of deception. People are going to get hurt in USI-TECH and I don’t want to see that happen. Honestly because I care about people 

Telling USI-TECH leaders about these sorts of things about USI-TECH to warn them of this obvious scam, and they want to hear none of it, and actually Sharon James and John Smith are saying things like: talking about USI-TECH is hurting my reputation, making me look bad, losing me supporters, and things like that.. They’re making it look like I don’t have good business sense.. but I believe it’s having the opposite effect and making USI-TECH look more and more like a scam for people. Catching lies and deception like this makes me look more sharp, I think. How do I help my friends see I’m trying to help them, but seeing their cold hearts and unreasonable logic to press forward to promote a scam and make money off it when victims WILL come from this down the road, and I don’t want their names associated when that happens, and would rather see them as people who warned people before it was too late.

This IS a scam. Can you help get the word out to protect people?

I believe this is going to hurt the reputations of everyone involved. At the end of the day, when things crash.. it’s going to make all the leaders there look like idiots especially with warning signs everywhere and people will see their greed and it will cause people to distance from them.

People will look at these leaders and think, “they knew it was a fraud and ripped people off anyway just so they could make theirs.”

This is MORALLY and ETHICALLY wrong and EVERYONE knows it! I’m just saying what’s already on everyone’s mind!

– Source Charles Scoville Facebook

For once, me and Charles are in agreement.

My USI-Tech Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, USI-Tech is another recruiting scam that uses ridiculous claims of returns for their products to get people to buy them and join the scam. You have to pay them to participate in the 12 level compensation plan. The founders of this scam have a long history with other money making scams. FOREX and Bitcoin have massive risks in investing in them. USI-Tech does not have the answer to lowering your risk and making you consistent returns. The Bitcoin Package they offer is a Ponzi scheme. The software they offer can’t offer the regular returns they claim it does. The software is used as the “product” in a product-based pyramid scheme. They expose you to shady FOREX brokers as well. USI-Tech claims to have its headquarters in Dubai. They are not registered as a business in Dubai. They are registered as a company in Ras Al Khaimah. Ras Al Khaimah is a common place for offshore companies to register as a company in the UAE. There is no way to know where USI-Tech is actually located at with this type of offshore company registration. USI-Tech does offer a free affiliate program you can participate in and make money from selling people their products. This does not change the scam that is being run with the actual products this company offers. I would not invest my money in USI-Tech.