Colombia Issues Warning For iMarketsLive

On October 10th, 2017 Colombia issued a warning for iMarketsLive. The iMarketsLive scheme has been spreading around the world. I have listened to recent iMarketsLive calls and their focus is recruiting people into their scheme. In my opinion, retail sales and investing are secondary to recruiting people into iMarketsLive.

Here is a translation of the Colombia warning:

 iMARKETSLIVE is not supervised by the Superfinanciera and is not authorized to offer financial sector products or services or the foreign stock market in Colombia

  • In addition, Alex Morton, Camilo Fonseca and Iván Tapia who promote in Colombia products of the aforementioned firm, DO NOT have authorization from this Superintendency to advance management.

The Financial Superintendence of Colombia warns the general public that the firm domiciled abroad and identified as iMARKETSLIVE is subject to the supervision of this Superintendency, which is why they are not authorized to offer products or services from the financial sector or the stock market in Colombia.

At the same time, Alex Morton, Camilo Fonseca and Iván Tapia do not have the authorization from this Superintendency to offer and / or promote products or services of the financial sector or the securities market of foreign entities to residents in the country, nor to advance financial, stock market or any other that involves the management, use and investment of resources of public in Colombia.

As stated, iMARKETSLIVE promotes the FOREX market, among others, through the websites and / or, which are NOT authorized to promote or products and services of the financial sector or outside the country.

It is important to indicate that those who choose to invest their resources in products offered through Internet platforms, must know the risks and assume the consequences, since these platforms are not subject to any type of inspection or control in our country and neither are known by those responsible….

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