DagCoin Scam

When one scam starts to lose its luster there always has to be a follow up.  The OneCoin scam is losing its leadership and its popularity. The money is no longer coming in as quickly as the promoters have seen in the past.  Now Dagcoin has stepped in to fill the void.  My subscribers have requested that I take a look into Dagcoin. Here is what I have found.

Dagcoin Scam Claims

Other cryptocurrencies are depending on the miners. Miners are confirming the transactions and by doing it, they earn coins. Dagcoin doesn’t need miners, so there are almost unnoticeably low transaction fees and also, this sets up a whole new level of distributing coins – earn by learning!

Dagcoin Scam Presentation Video

Dagcoin Scam Reality

Dagcoin was founded in 2016. Daguniversity is owned by DAG Corporation Limited which is registered in Hong Kong.

The Dagcoin founder and CEO is Nils Grossberg.
The Dagcoin CNO is Kari Wahlroos.

Dagcoin is being run and promoted by previous OneCoin scammers:

Kari Wahlroos is on the road again, sharing exciting news and opportunities about OneCoin during his EUROPE AMBASSADOR TOUR! There will be events, leader trainings, VIP dinners and lots of entertainment!

Along with Kari Wahlroos you will meet a number of our Top Leaders as well as our very own Founder and CEO, Dr Ruja Ignatova.

A special guest in Germany on January 9th, Hungary on January 16th and Romania on January 23rd is Dr. Ruja Ignatova, our very own Founder, Visionary and CEO! Besides Kari you will meet with OneCoin and One Dream Team leaders – Juha Parhiala (Hungary), Udo Carsten Deppisch (Germany, Austria, Macedonia, Hungary and Romania), Avo Valiste (Latvia and Lithuania), Nils Grossberg (Latvia), Kristjan Ress (Lithuania), Dilbar Mirsaitova (Kazakhstan), Cristi Calina (Romania), Pavel Filyanov (Ukraine), Svitlana Korniichuk (Ukraine), Krzysztof Sydlo (Poland), Ilya Manin (Russia), Yasir Mirza (UK) and Pascal-Rene Andre (Slovakia). – Source Facebook OneCoin Promotion

The way this scam works is you purchase “educational” packages that include coins.  You get 3% more coins each week. Your coins are locked up for 8 months. You can then recruit your friends and family to do the same thing.

This should sound familiar to anyone that has been taken advantage of by the OneCoin scam. Dagcoin is the same type of Ponzi scam.

These scammers ask you to not compare Dagcoin with other cryptocurrencies:

Dagcoin has not been developed for purposes of trading and speculations on the exchanges, but for everyday use! Therefore, we ask you not to compare Dagcoin to the existing cryptocurrencies.

They seem to be confused about what Dagcoins are all about. Dagcoins can be used for next to nothing. Now they are announcing the following:

The public listing of dags is agreed to be in Feb 2018 on two different exchanges! – Source Facebook

It is clear that their “educational” packages are not about education when you can buy the same package 49 times in their back office.

In my opinion, the purpose of the packages is to participate in the 3% weekly return on your investment and recruit others to do the same thing.  The “education” is just a cover for your participation in the scam.

What does Dagcoin do that Byteball does not do?

The only difference is, unlike Byteball, Dagcoin is more focused on worldwide commercial and regular use for the people like mobile payments, games, merchants, financial services, payment solutions coz’ as I’ve said it’s the asset class built on Byteball. The altcoin of Byteball. – Source steemit.com


Bonus Cap: 100.00 USD
Price: 20.00 USD

Bonus Cap: 500.00 USD
Price: 100.00 USD
100 Dagcoins

Bonus Cap: 2500.00 USD
Price: 500.00 USD
500 Dagcoins

Bonus Cap: 5000.00 USD
Price: 1000.00 USD
1000 Dagcoins

Bonus Cap: 12,500.00 USD
Price: 2500.00 USD
3000 Dagcoins

Bonus Cap: 25,000.00 USD
Price: 5000.00 USD
6000 Dagcoins

Bonus Cap: 35,000.00 USD
Price: 12,500.00 USD
17,500 Dagcoins

Bonus Cap: 50,000.00 USD
Price: 25,000.00 USD
35,000 Dagcoins


They have no products for you to sell.  The “education” they offer is just a bonus for your participation in their Ponzi and recruiting scam.

Compensation Plan

Click Here for a compensation plan overview.

Dagcoins are escrowed for 8 months and during this time they will earn 3% extra coins every week.

After 8 months, 50% of these coins will go into escrow for 8 months and 50% will be free for use right away.

Dagcoin recruiters are paid a 10% commission when they recruit new people into this scam who invest in an “educational” package.

A Volume Bonus is earned when 100 USD is in both teams. You earn 10% of the weaker team’s sales. You are limited in how much Volume Bonus you can earn by the “educational” package you purchase.

You receive the Leadership Bonus when you have completed the Expert Course & have achieved personal sales of at least 2500 USD in both teams. The Leadership Bonus of 5% is paid on the Volume Bonus your personal team members earn and it goes up to 5 generations.

Dagcoin Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Dagcoin is a Ponzi scheme that is linked with a pyramid recruiting scheme disguised as a new digital currency.  The fonder and many of the top promoters of this scam are from the OneCoin scam. They use “educational” package purchases as the cover for their Ponzi scheme. Each individual who profits does so primarily from the payments of others who are themselves making payments in order to obtain their own profit. Avoid the Dagcoin scam.

Here is a second opinion from one of the Bitcoin forums:

There are two kinds of people “investing” in THIS kind of ponzi scheme – stupid or incredibly naive.