The Arrest Of OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova In Germany Was Fake News

In a recent report on the worldwide investigation of OneCoin, it has been reported by that Ruja Ignatova was NOT arrested in Germany:

In the autumn, Bulgarian and foreign media reported that Ignatova was arrested at the airport Munich. However, this information was disproved by the Bavarian authorities.

What is happening is the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office of Bulgaria is working with German authorities to seize OneCoin servers:

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office is involved in an international operation to neutralize a large-scale pyramid structure for commercial fraud, progressive customer recruitment and money laundering by creating and distributing the virtual currency OneCoin.

Prosecutors and investigators from the SP Investigation Unit, as well as GDOC and SANS officers, are included in the international investigation on the basis of an international legal assistance order from the Prosecutor’s Office in the German city of Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) arriving in October 2017 The representatives of Eurojust and Europol are actively involved in the execution of the court order.

The request of the Prosecutor’s Office in Bielefeld is to carry out specific procedural and investigative actions on the territory of Bulgaria vis-à-vis the Bulgarian company “Wan Network Services” EOOD and its affiliates, incl. two Bulgarian women with German citizenship.

Investigators identify the location of the servers in Sofia and the service companies used by the international criminal organization.

On 17 and 18 January 2017, in the presence of representatives of Europol and the German investigative bodies, the offices of Wan Network Services and 14 other companies were searched. A lot of material evidence has been seized, including servers, so far, 50 witnesses have been questioned.

“OneCoin Ltd.” is registered in the United Arab Emirates and operates through hundreds of affiliated companies on 4 continents.

There are doubts that organized crime groups and terrorist organizations are funded through the scheme.

The Bulgarian company “Wan Network Services” EOOD has performed the functions of a sales representative of “OneCoin Ltd.” and a distributor of the virtual currency created by it.

At present, companies associated with OneCoin Ltd. are being investigated in England, Ireland, Italy, the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and many other countries.

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The Ministry of The Interior has made a short video of the OneCoin office:

OneCoin Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, OneCoin is a Ponzi scheme that is linked with a pyramid recruiting scheme disguised as a new digital currency. Any money you spend will not be refunded once you login to your OneCoin account. They use the history of the increasing value of bitcoins to sucker you into their scam. Each individual who profits does so primarily from the payments of others who are themselves making payments in order to obtain their own profit. Avoid the OneCoin scam.