USI-Tech Scam Returns To The USA And Canada

In a recent announcement, USI-Tech has let people know that they are delighted to continue to scam people in the USA and Canada out of their money.  They have not figured out how they are going to pay you, but they are glad to take your money.

Here is the latest update from USI-Tech:

USI News from 24.01.2017

Important news from USI TECH – Horst Jicha

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

The USI TECH Corporate Team is constantly working on the continued sustainability and success of the Company and we are delighted to formally announce that we are re-entering the North America (USA and Canada) market with immediate effect.

USI TECH customers in these jurisdictions will now be able to buy BTC packages and continue to enjoy the benefits of our product.

We are also working closely with our corporate lawyers to look at ways of resuming commission payments and continuing the referral commission for our partners in North America. In the meantime, new customers can be recruited in North America, but provisionally no commissions will be paid until a suitable and compliant solution can be found.

The following applies to all sales partners:

The rebuy commission is currently adjusted so that USI TECH can rebuild reserves and to avoid any further manipulation of our compensation plan whilst we complete our extensive audit. The Company’s investments are strategically placed for medium and long term returns, giving the company a sustainable platform to operate from in order to fulfil our claim of being a leading company in the crypto space.
Please note that commissions for the rebuy packages have been discontinued for the reasons already stated and it is important for the company to stress that commissions on rebuy packages are NOT accumulated for future distribution. However, it is the companies intention to resume commissions on rebuy packages once it has completed it’s audit and it is safe to do so.

This situation arose due to a system error that remained undiscovered for only a few days. Unfortunately, it was possible for some sales partners worldwide, (especially in North America), to professionally manipulate the USI TECH payout system. Funds in the three-digit million range were unjustifiably withdrawn. We are seeking legal advice as to what action to take under criminal procedures to bring the perpetrators to justice, as the damage they caused could have had severe commercial ramifications had USI TECH not had the financial strength to recover. We have been humbled by the commitment of many USI TECH top leaders, who have worked closely with us to help stabilize USI technology reserves, which will also help us achieve the fulfilment of our mining contracts.

With the fulfilment of these contracts we will embed further stability to our company and by May / June 2018 USI TECH will actively boast an impressive 600 Petahash of bitcoin mining. We have already invested a great deal of capital in this market and will continue to do so that will further de-risk our product for the safety of our partners/customers. This will also give USI TECH, partners and customers a global lead in future technology and command the best strategic partners to ensure the most favourable commercial terms for our business giving us greater margin and success – making us a market leader in the Network Marketing arena for us all to enjoy and benefit from.

The priority for USI TECH is the controlled payout of the BTC packages for all partners and customers. The second priority is the controlled payment of commissions meaning there is NO further manipulation of accounts.

Transparency is important to USI TECH.

USI TECH has never had a problem in the USA and Canada, the authorities have been active solely through misconduct, false statements and unauthorized marketing activities of local distributors, which is detailed in the corresponding memorandum of our corporate lawyers below.

The USI TECH Corporate compliance team has been enhanced to ensure we stay compliant and to police any further manipulation of accounts with a strictly no tolerance policy. For you and for us, it is important to communicate faster and better with each other and there will be soon be an internationally valid and legally compliant presentation of the business opportunity, as well as a professionally managed corporate social media presence. None of your questions will remain unanswered as USI TECH are committed to investing in exemplary communication, compliance and customer support.

We have always created a family atmosphere here at USI TECH and we are strong together – Now is the time to go to work and build your USI TECH business.

Together we will win and create a legacy for you and your families future.

Yours faithfully,

Horst Jicha.

– Source Facebook

USI-Tech Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, USI-Tech is another recruiting scam that uses ridiculous claims of returns for their products to get people to buy them and join the scam. The founders of this scam have a long history with other money making scams. FOREX and Bitcoin have massive risks in investing in them.  USI-Tech does not have the answer to lowering your risk and making you consistent returns. The Bitcoin Package they offer is a Ponzi scheme. The software they offer can’t offer the regular returns they claim it does.  The software is used as the “product” in a product-based pyramid scheme. They expose you to shady FOREX brokers as well. USI-Tech claims to have its headquarters in Dubai. They are not registered as a business in Dubai. They are registered as a company in Ras Al Khaimah. Ras Al Khaimah is a common place for offshore companies to register as a company in the UAE. There is no way to know where USI-Tech is actually located at with this type of offshore company registration. USI-Tech does offer a free affiliate program you can participate in and make money from selling people their products.  This does not change the scam that is being run with the actual products this company offers. I would not invest my money in USI-Tech.