Game Loot Network Scam

The mobile gaming market is a massive industry.  Almost everyone enjoys a game or two on their phone or tablet. But, do you want to take advantage of your friends and family by recruiting them into a money making scheme based on mobile gaming? My subscribers have requested that I take a look into the Game Loot Network.  Here is what I have found.

Game Loot Network Scam Claims


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Game Loot Network Scam Presentation Video

Game Loot Network Scam Reality

The Game Loot Network Launched in 2015.

Here is one of the addresses I have been able to find for them: GLN Holdings LTD – Office 3 Unit R, Penfold Works Imperial Way, Watford, Herts United Kingdom WD24 4YY

The Game Loot Network is a gaming network where you can interact with other gamers, earn rewards, and participate in a MLM recruiting scheme. You can earn cash by making sales to and recruiting your friends and family.

You need an UPHOLD account to become a GAME LOOT NETWORK member. You have to provide them an EMAIL and a CELLPHONE number.

Lance Baker is the founder and president of the company.

Here is video of Lance Baker in action:

Here is one of the claims the Game Loot Network makes in their presentation video:

…people that act on this opportunity can start generating a full time income fast.

The Game Loot Network does not have an income disclosure that shows how many people are making money with this money making opportunity. You have to take it on faith that you will make money with them.  I don’t have faith in them.

Here is what the FTC has to say about this type of claim for an MLM opportunity:

Earnings claims, regardless of whether they are express or implied, are highly relevant to consumers in making their investment decisions. In fact, we find that earnings claims are often the single most decisive factor in those choices.

False and unsubstantiated earnings claims are deceptive and unlawful….

…multi-level marketers should stop presenting business opportunities as a way for individuals to quit their jobs, earn thousands of dollars a month, make career-level income, or get rich because in reality, very few participants are likely to do that.

…the majority of direct sellers made less than $10,000 per year from direct selling, with a median annual gross income of about $2,400 or only $200 per month. (59% make less than $10,000 per year and this does not include expenses.)

– Source FTC

Here is a little background on the company from someone that started with them during their pre-launch:

This company was founded by Lance Baker based on a book he wrote about the mobile gaming industry and the premise that this is a billion dollar industry that he wanted to tap into, with the concept of sharing the profits with those who helped him build the company. While they were in prelaunch, they offered founder positions to distributors with the promise that founders would share in revenue from advertising dollars generated by free gamer’s who would have to watch the advertising to play games for free, along with some other parks. Once the preset number of founders was reached, they then offered positions for beta tester founders that would share in a different pool of advertising dollars generated. The concept and purpose of the platform in the beginning was to offer an opportunity to people who love to play mobile games on their smartphones, the opportunity to play games and earn extra income. Along the way, Lance Baker brought people into the company who took the company into another direction. Distributors earned money when members who were in their downline purchased tokens to play games. – Source

Here is one of the recent complaints:

I was in Game Loot and what they did was just plane wrong. When I signed up my 1st 3 people I started getting $5/day and was really excited. I spent a lot of time to setup a promotion campaign. Then … one of the top people in the company claimed that there was some fraud and they lost money so they were going to make some changes. They claimed they were weeding out those defrauding the company but what it really turned out in my case was to cut down lines to avoid paying out money. In my case I saw in my back office money disappear. I routinely take screen shots in case of some system errors occurs. When I reported the problem to the support team they would close the ticket without even acknowledging the ticket….

They are not offering you to play the most popular mobile games. Many of them seem to be knockoffs of other games.  Here are some that they offer:

  • Hungry Ninja
  • Frozen Treat Frenzy
  • Eggies
  • Blue Yonder Battle
  • Deep Sea Gold Rush
  • Gecko Magnet
  • Steampunk Nautical Journey
  • Ninja Runner
  • Bouncing Jello
  • Trivia Loot
  • Loot Flyer
  • Round Ball Escape

Here is how this scam works:

  • You purchase a Launch Pack.
  • You generate 100PV each month and purchase a Marketing Arcade Subscription.
  • You recruit others to do the same thing.
  • You earn commissions on the purchases of the people you recruit and the people they recruit.

In my opinion, there is little reason why anyone outside of the money making opportunity would pay any money into this scheme.


Launch Packs from $100-$800
Marketing Arcade $25
Enrollment Fee $50


Premium Gamer Account

Compensation Plan

Click Here for a detailed overview of the compensation plan.

An Active Game Ambassador must have an Active Marketing Arcade Subscription & 100 Personal Volume.

You must have at least one personally enrolled Active Game Ambassador in each binary team with Ruby Rank or higher.

$100 Pack = 100CV | $200 Pack = 200CV | $400 Pack = 400CV | $800 Pack = 800CV

CV Is Split Evenly Between Launch Bonus & Team Bonus.

The Launch Bonus Is Paid To Four Enroller Levels
20% To Level 1
10% To Level 2
10% To Level 3
20% To Level 4

Team Bonus Cycles Are Generated Once 300CV Is Achieved In One Leg And 600CV Is Generated In The Other.

The Team Matching Bonus Is Paid On The Team Bonus Earned By Your Direct Enrollment Tree.

Uni-Level Group Bonus Paid To Infinity Earn 5% On 10 Levels of Direct Enrollment.

Beginning On Level 11, Earn A 1% Infinity Bonus Down To The Next Equivalent Rank.

There are many different ranks you can achieve by recruiting people and having them purchase packs.

Excessive levels in a downline is another sign participants are expected to sell primarily to their downline, rather than to the general public. This makes it an exploitative money transfer scheme. – Source The problem with 5 or more levels of compensation.

Income Disclosure

They do not offer an income disclosure that shows what representatives make on average.

Refund Policy

Game Loot Network’s primary business is to provide digital products and digital services. As such, all Game Loot Network purchases are final, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

There are no refunds or exchanges under any circumstances. – Source

Game Loot Network Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, the Game Loot Network is just another recruiting scam.  Their retail products are not competitive in a world of free mobile games. They are not offering you access to a large selection of popular mobile games. They claim you can make full time income fast with no proof that a significant amount of people are doing this. They offer no refunds. Their compensation plan requires recruiting and pays to an infinite levels deep.  Excessive levels in a downline is another sign participants are expected to sell primarily to their downline, rather than to the general public. You have to give them your cell number to join this program. They have changed their compensation plan multiple times and left people with founder positions feeling scammed. I would not participate in the Game Loot Network money making opportunity.