Team National Scam

Disclaimer: These comments that you are about to read are my personal opinion and you should rely on your own research when deciding whether to pursue the Team National business opportunity. Any facts below are provided for reference only and any errors will be corrected.

Everyone wants a discount.  But, are you willing to pay $795 to have discounts? There are various buying clubs and rebate websites you can join.  They range in price from free to $60+.  Do you want to try and sell a $795 discount membership to your friends and family? My subscribers have requested that I take a look at the Team National business opportunity.  Here is what I have found.

Team National Scam Claims

We enrich families and businesses by providing vehicles for growth and everyday savings while unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit with honor, integrity and character.

Team National (TN) offers a terrific membership savings product with an optional industry leading compensation program. TN utilizes the person-to-person, direct selling method of distribution to promote and share our membership savings and products all over the United States. We provide an opportunity for people of different age, ethnic and social backgrounds, to become an entrepreneur, as an Independent Marketing Director (IMD). Many Americans are looking for more time freedom in how and where they spend their time and money. We believe in unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit. America is too great for small dreams; therefore, we want to help you live the life of your dreams.

Team National Scam Video Presentation

Team National Scam Reality

Richard “Dick” Loehr is the founder of Team National.  In 1997 Dick Loehr provided the membership savings & services to a small direct selling company. In 1999 Dick Loehr merges the direct sales company with his benefits package company to form National Companies. He restructures and relocates the corporate office to Davie, FL.

The primary thing Team National representatives sell is a membership that provides discounts on things you buy.

The two year Standard Membership is $795.

A lifetime Premium Membership is $2195.

Let’s talk quickly about these prices.  These are very high prices for a discount membership. A typical Costco membership is only $60 per year. Also, it makes little sense to me to sell two year memberships.  I know personally a year is the most I would want to pay for any membership when I first purchase it.

In my opinion, you are at a great disadvantage in trying to sell these memberships when you have to sign people up for a very expensive membership that is two years long.

Team National does not guarantee savings with their membership.

If you don’t like your Team National membership, you have three days to cancel your membership.

Costco will cancel and refund your membership fee in full at any time if you are dissatisfied. There seems to be a very large difference in how Team National handles their memberships in relation to one of the leaders in the discount membership industry.

I was not impressed with the discounts and rebates Team National Offered.

Here is a link to their discounts and savings.  You are welcome to see what they offer.

I took a look at the business opportunity they offer and it was the same MLM recruiting opportunity I have seen over and over again.

The Team National game plan has you create a never ending list of your friends, family and people you know.  Then you round the bases with them.

1st BASE – Initial Contact

2nd BASE – Book Appointment

3rd BASE – Overview Presentation

HOME PLATE- Close the Sale>Follow Up>Duplicate

– Source Team National Game Plan

How successful are people at following this system and making money?

In 2017, 87.85% of all representatives received no income at all and of all representatives the average earnings were $602.31.

92.8 Percent of people averaged $549 per year with a high of $5,435 earned for the year. These numbers do not include any expenses.

It seems that almost no one is making any profit after they have purchased their $795 membership.

In my opinion, Team National is a very poor opportunity to make money.

You do not have to purchase a membership to become an Independent Marketing Director (IMD) and participate in the Team National earnings program. But, how will you be able to sell it to others if you do not own one?

Here are some complaints I found about the Team National business opportunity:

I attended a TN presentation with an open mind. Immediately I was put off by the deception, and rah-rah cult-like atmosphere! I have also heard some members are using Affinity fraud tactics as well! I did a lot of research and I also do financial analysis. The discounts you can get anywhere else such as, so THAT has NO VALUE whatsoever! So, what is your $2100 paying for? There is no product and no viable service being provided! It’s simply deceiving more people to join a club with huge fees that offers nothing tangible or intangible of value! This IS a pyramid scheme if I ever saw one! You can make $$$ if you are a very deceptive SALES person, who could sell ice to an Eskimo or fire to the Devil! Can you live with that? Simple mathematics … an equation must balance, and the ONLY way those higher in the pyramid make $$$ is because MANY others in the downlines lose their “membership investment $$$ to an equal degree! Again, there is NO product or service of value that you cannot get for free! – Source

I joined team national in Jan 2016. I signed to be an independent marketing director. The company took my 55.00 but never acknowledge me as one.
I joined team national in Jan 2016. I was never told about the 3 day limit on cancelation. I was told to sign and initial to start all my alleged great savings. A few days later I recieved my contract from my up line host and then wanted to cancel but was told its to late. So I contacted the office directly a few days later wanting to cancel because all the great savings I was promised is either not available in my area or I found better deals not using team national. I contacted Nancy Raymond of team national and told her I was not satisfied with this company and she told me she would forward my complaint on. About a month later I hear back from her. She tells me I can’t get a refund because I only had 3 days to cancel which I was not told about until it was to late. I also told her that I signed up and paid to be an independent marketing director and paid 55.00 to do so but on my genealogy page it showed that I did not. At this point I told her this contract was never valid and I wanted a full refund of 2195.00 for my membership and a full refund of 55.00 for my independent marketing director. When I got my credit card statement in I noticed they refunded my independent marketing director fee but not my membership. Shouldn’t they have contacted me to resolve this? I feel like they know they screwed up and are trying to cover their mistakes. I just want my membership refund and be done with this company. I do not feel comfortable trying to talk someone into joining something that I’ve not had a good experience with. I was promised to save and make so much money and I haven’t done either. And now that they canceled my IDM I couldn’t try to sell memberships even if I wanted too. I was also told that I would start receiving rebate checks for purchases made through team national after 90 days and I have yet to see one of those. I just want out of this mistake and my money refunded. I will do my best to keep people from signing up for this company. It’s not what’s it says it is. – Source BBB

Here are a few things to consider before joining Team National:

  • Team National touts their affiliation with big retailers as a partnership. Almost anyone can become an affiliate with big retailers.
  • Why the “high pressure” technique to sign up folks? If its so great who cares if they think about this opportunity for a few weeks?
  • Is it possible to sell the majority of memberships to people that are not interested in the business opportunity?
  • Ask the folks pitching this to you to see at least 2 years of tax returns that pertain to their Team National business.
  • Does Team National encourage attending meetings and conventions, buying more motivational material?
  • So, you need to pay them big bucks to save big bucks? Does that really make sense to you?
  • Do you have other fees such as website, shipping charges, etc..
  • Be sure to have the folks pitching this to you give factual hard evidence of all savings and commission plans.
  • Does Team National offer a fair and reasonable cancellation policy like 30 days or more for their expensive memberships?


Independent Marketing Directors are charged a 55$ IMD starter kit fee.

There is an option to renew as an IMD yearly by paying a $25 annual renewal fee.

Success Club $35.95/mo $10 per month.

The two year Standard Membership is $795.

A lifetime Premium Membership is $2195.


Their primary product is a discount membership.

Compensation Plan

Click Here for a Team National compensation plan overview.

No commissions are earned until the second sale is received by Team National.

TO RECEIVE TEAM NATIONAL BONUSES AN IMD MUST BE BONUS QUALIFIED! Make two retail Membership sales, one of which must be on the left side of his/her Paypoint and one of which must be on the right.

The requirement to remain Bonus Qualified is for the IMD to make two retail Membership sales every 12 months (renewals of Memberships and upgrades do NOT count for bonus or hosting bonus qualifications).

To become Hosting Bonus Qualified for the first time, an IMD must have any two of the people he/she personally hosted become Bonus Qualified.

To remain Hosting Bonus Qualified, the IMD must have at least one person from among all of the people he/she personally hosted become Bonus Qualified for the first time during the next 12 months.

An IMD automatically receives their $2500 Business Centers, left and right of the 000 Business Center (designated by -101 and -102) one of two ways:

  1. By purchasing 25 in Product Volume (PV) and having two other customers purchase 25 PV in two hosting lines.
  2. By having three other customers purchase 25 PV in three hosting lines.

An IMD must be bonus qualified to receive the $1500 10 & 10 Progression Bonus. An IMD must be hosting bonus qualified and have met one of the above requirements in the prior two months in order to receive the $1000 Hosting Bonus.

They pay to an infinite levels deep in their compensation plan.

Excessive levels in a downline is another sign participants are expected to sell primarily to their downline, rather than to the general public. This makes it an exploitative money transfer scheme. – Source The problem with 5 or more levels of compensation.

Income Disclosure

In 2017, 87.85% of all representatives received no income at all and of all representatives the average earnings were $602.31.

92.8 Percent of people averaged $549 per year with a high of $5,435 for the year.

– Source 2017 Team National Income Disclosure

Refund Policy

You have three days to cancel your membership.

If you are dissatisfied with a product purchase, we accept for return any non-expired, un-opened products for up to 12 months from the date of purchase for 90% refund excluding shipping and handling. The 12-month Product buys back policy also applies to the $55.00 IMD starter kit fee. Dicks Special Seasoning is non-refundable as 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

Team National Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, Team National is just another recruiting scam.  You are tasked with selling over priced discount memberships to your friends and family.  Then you need to motivate them to do the same. They give you only three days to decide if their membership is for you.  In 2017, 87.85% of all representatives received no income at all and of all representatives the average earnings were $602.31. It seems that the vast majority are NOT making any profit after they have purchased their $795 membership. No commissions are earned until the second sale is received by Team National. Team National does not guarantee savings with their membership. I would avoid the Team National business opportunity.