Planet Millionaire Scam Owner Frank Calabro Jr. Issued Cease And Desist

Frank Calabro Jr. has promoted many different money making scams over the years including Zeek Rewards and Traffic Monsoon.  The one that has finally landed him in the crosshairs of regulators is USI-Tech.

Frank Calabro Jr. lives in Guilford County, North Carolina. Frank is not and has never been registered to sell securities in the State of North Carolina. Frank promotes and sells investment products for commissions. He also offers training and tools to people who would like to earn money through MLM marketing, thereby recruiting them into his downline, and, in turn, encouraging them to recruit new representatives who will also sell the investment products.

Here are the highlights of why Frank Calabro Jr. has been issued a Cease and Desist:

The Administrator, through her Securities Division, conducted an investigation of Frank Edward Calabro, Jr. (“Calabro”) to evaluate whether he has been offering securities in compliance with the Securities Act.

The Securities Division found that Calabro is violating the Securities Act by:

  1. offering investment products that are unregistered securities,
  2. offering securities while he is not registered to do so, and
  3. making material misstatements and omitting certain material facts when offering securities.

Calabro has not registered Planet Millionaire as a business entity with any business registry, nor has he registered Planet Millionaire as a “Doing Business As” name.

Over the past five years, Calabro has promoted and sold various investment products, including products on behalf of Zeek Rewards and Traffic Monsoon.

Calabro promoted Zeek Rewards, which raised more than $800 million from investors. The Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) determined Zeek Rewards was an $800 million Ponzi scheme that purported to be in the business of “private, invitation-only, affiliate advertising.” In 2016 and 2017, the CEO, CFO, and senior Technology Officer of Zeek Rewards were sentenced to more than 16 years in prison combined for their parts in the scheme.

Calabro promoted Traffic Monsoon, which raised more than $200 million from investors. The SEC froze Traffic Monsoon’s assets, describing it as “an Internet-based Ponzi scheme …. falsely represented to investors [as] an advertising company.”

Calabro is currently promoting and selling investment packages and referral programs on behalf of a foreign technology company called USI-Tech Limited (“USIT”).

In his social media postings, Calabro claims to occupy a high position in the USIT affiliate marketing matrix and to have many people in his downline.

When offering the BTC Packages, Calabro fails to disclose material facts, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. information about the assets and liabilities of USIT and any other information that indicates the means USIT will provide investors with a guaranteed daily return regardless of the value of Bitcoin;
  2. information about the automated trading software developed by USIT, details of its trading records and historical performance, proof of its existence and the risk factors associate with its use;
  3. information about USIT’s mining operations, contracts and partnerships, hashrates, proof of mining activities, and the risk factors associated with cryptocurrency mining; and
  4. that the BTC Packages are securities and are not registered with the Administrator or any other governing regulator.

When promoting the USIT referral program, Calabro fails to disclose material facts, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. that the BTC Packages are securities and are not registered with the Administrator or any other governing regulator;
  2. that only registered dealers or salesmen can be paid commissions for referrals or sales of securities; and
  3. that affiliates who receive commissions for their sale of USIT’s BTC Packages without being properly registered are in violation of the Securities Act.

Calabro’s conduct related to the offer of the BTC Packages and the promotion of the referral program has been willful.

On February 16, 2018, the Administrator entered a Temporary Cease and Desist Order against USIT, finding, among other things, that USIT and its affiliate marketers/sales agents were violating North Carolina securities laws by offering unregistered securities and acting as unregistered dealers or salesmen. The Administrator ordered USIT to cease offering the USIT securities until it was registered to do so and the securities were registered.

Allowing Calabro to continue his current course of conduct will allow him to continue to harm the investing public.

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Frank Calabro Jr. has a long history of promoting scams. In my opinion, I would avoid him and his Planet Millionaire website if you wish to make money online.