Amazing Wealth Systems Scam

“Get started selling on Amazon and make $5,000 – $10,000 in the next 30 days… even if you’ve never sold anything online before.” That’s one of the pitches the promoters of Amazing Wealth Systems (AWS) used to lure people into a bogus business opportunity.

One of the biggest questions we get still is “if you know all of this, why aren’t you just using it for yourself, and why are you sharing your secrets with us?” The answer is simple. There is no way any one person or company could ever sell all of the products on Amazon. We have reached a point where we are creating our legacy for our business. Until you have personally experienced the feeling of having someone walk up to you and say “you changed my life”, it is hard to explain. Let’s just say it is a feeling no amount of money could ever buy. We are both addicted to this feeling of helping others and glad to have it be our primary motivation. – Source

Not so, says the FTC in a lawsuit against the company. The FTC says it was really Amazing Wealth Systems that made money – by enrolling people.

Here are the highlights of the AWS scam:

The Federal Trade Commission has charged AWS with falsely claiming that people who buy their expensive “Amazing Wealth System” will learn “secrets for making money on Amazon” and likely earn thousands of dollars a month.

Amazing Wealth Systems is transforming entrepreneurs & Amazon sellers in bold new ways to support their business goals.

I started selling online after getting Adam’s course on July. I started by listing all the excess items around my house and started making immediate sales. I achieved Adam’s challenge of profiting in my store. I took the advice from Jason of expanding my business on all platforms and started listing my products on Amazon and eBay. With the help of my coach the drop-shipping program I have been able to continue to grow my business to the point where I am a self-sufficient stay-at-home mom.

I would have never been able to achieve this without the support from Adam and their supply of products. Thank you so much! -Source

According to the FTC, AWS, who has no affiliation with, have made false or unsubstantiated earnings claims, such as, “Get started on Amazon and Make $5,000-$10,000 in the next 30 days. . . even if you have never sold anything online before.” In ads and live seminars in English and in Spanish, Amazing Wealth Systems – also known at different points as AWS, FBA Stores, and Online Auction Learning Center – claimed that people who used the company’s “system” would generate thousands of dollars in sales on They charge from $995 to more than $35,000 for a purported exclusive “plug-and-play system” that allows consumers to create a profitable online business selling products on

Contrary to their promises, most, if not virtually all, purchasers do not earn the advertised income. Many of the strategies and techniques included in the “system,” such as posting fake product reviews, are deceptive and violate’s rules. As a result, purchasers who deploy their system often experience problems with their Amazon stores, including suspension and the loss of their ability to sell on

Amazon is suing FBA Stores. My wife and I lost $36,000! Nuff Said!!! – Source YouTube Comment On The Above Video

The scammers are AWS LLC, FBA Distributors LLC, FBA Stores LLC, Info Pros LLC, Online Auction Learning Center Inc. (Massachusetts), Online Auction Learning Center Inc. (Nevada), Christopher F. Bowser, Adam S. Bowser, and Jody Marshall. They are charged with violating the FTC Act and the Business Opportunity Rule.

The court has appointed a temporary receiver over the corporate defendants, barred the defendants from making deceptive marketing claims, and frozen their assets pending resolution of the FTC’s motion for a preliminary injunction. The FTC seeks to end the alleged illegal practices and obtain money for return to injured consumers.

— Source