Friends and Internet neighbors. I have had a much needed break from making videos. I want to thank my subscribers for their patience. I appreciate all of your great suggestions for videos.

For the rest of the year I plan on getting back to making regular videos. We will see how well I am able to do that.

Over the last year scammers have been having a field day with all things cryptocurrency. You can expect a lot of videos that talk about these types of scams.

I look forward to finding out what you would like me to cover. Many of my best tips come from you on what scams are being promotted.

It is good to see state regulators like Texas and North Carolina have woken up and are issuing cease and desist letters to all types of financial scams. This has caused some of the biggest scams to be stopped in their tracks.

We live in exciting times and I hope to keep you up to date on the many scams in the money making and business opportunity world.

Multi-Level marketing scams continue to grow and are even trying to get legislators to pass laws to protect them. The Direct Selling Association and some large multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, and their Congressional friends are trying to tie the hands of the Federal Trade Commission in prosecuting product-based MLM-style pyramid schemes.

This will be interesting to watch to see if they are successful.

With the recent death of Sergey Mavrodi I hope the MMM scam will finally be behind us this year. You never know. MMM seems to have a life of its own.

I hope to take a look at some of the past con men and their books that have inspired many of the scammers today to take action and take advantage of you. It will be eye opening.

I want to thank you all again for watching and I look forward to hearing from you over the coming months.