WorldVentures Having Problems Paying Commissions

I have received multiple reports from WorldVentures representatives about not being paid their commissions or having their commissions delayed.  I have taken a look into the issue and have found additional public comments about this problem. Here is what I have found.

One of the people that contacted me, claims to have not been paid since Christmas of 2017. They also claim that changes to the Rovia Bucks program have made it difficult to spend them on travel. Rovia Bucks are an internal money in WordVentures that can be used toward travel. They are valued at $1.

Here are some public comments on these problems:

I love WorldVentures and always will. I enrolled over 7000 people in that company in 5 years and built a six figure income for my wife and I to live an amazing life.

WorldVentures went through some speed bumps where I only received two commission checks in a six month period. Lucky for me I stacked my money.

I prayed long and hard about what my next move was. I’ve always wanted to work with the highest paid millennial in the industry, who became a good friend of mine over the years. I prayed about this situation every single day just asking for guidance. It was clear as day that God had a new season for me, and I’ve never been so excited in my entire life.

Today I get screen shot after screen shot of the leadership slandering my name, speaking lies talking about how I got terminated and aggressively attacking Wv reps. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. I actually left three weeks ago and multiple top earners tried to convince me to stay. But because I didn’t, they suspended my position, and bashed my name. My goal was to leave quietly and humbly. I’m definitely not perfect but did my best to leave in the best way possible. I want nothing but the best for Wv and anyone else that is part of the company. I even told multiple people on my team “if you are happy I would never want to take you away from something you are happy doing!” – Source Facebook

Numerous gross misrepresentations. Refuse to pay earned commissions. Bait and switch. Pyramid scheme. False claims. High pressure tactics. – Source BBB

The business model is fundamentally flawed as revenues are made primarily through the sale of travel memberships through multi-level marketing. The sales reps earn commissions by bring people under them. The travel product being sold is substandard. The Company is insolvent and just making payroll is an issue. New exec management was brought in to turn the Company around and make WV a legitimate company. In the past three months, the COO, CFO and CIO have resigned. – Source Glassdoor

This company is having major financial problems. Many vendors have not been paid for months. Cash flow is in crisis. Talks of bankruptcy loom for many companies that rely on receiving payments from this company, leaving members and travelers that belong to this MLM nightmare stranded, even though they pay their monthly dues and have paid for their trip. Lay offs are never ending, with more about to happen. – Source Glassdoor

If you have had problems receiving your commissions checks with WorldVentures, please share your experience in the comments below.