QNET SCAM An Initiative By Victims Of The QNET Fraud

QNET Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

A website has been setup for victims of the QNET scam: qnet.org. In less than a week, they have managed to reach out to thousands of victims who are now spreading the word and coming together on a single platform to share their grief and voice their opinion. The website also features a petition to the Govt and a major partner of QNET to put pressure on QNET.

This action comes shortly after recent protests at Freedom Park.

Here are some stories of loss that are shared on the site and the details of the petition:

If you ever get call from your dearest friend or from someone you have not meet for quite some time and they show that they are earning a lot, going on world tours, leading very happy lives… Trust me these are just to trick you and take money from your pocket..I have also been cheated from my friend and she duped me of a total of 3.9 lacs…these cheating scammers are looting Indians and filling foreigners pockets..shame on them.

Qnet is the most fraudulent company and people involved in this scam are heartless … They just know money and they are ready to get it by any means … By putting honest people in frustration and making their lives hell.

My friend duped me in this scam and forced me to take a loan from a bank. They lied about the whole process and when asked, refused to pay me back. I was afraid to stand out against them or take legal action. But I never referred or brought someone into the chain business. I paid for me and my dad.

Qnet the longest running Ponzi scheme in India trapping lakhs of citizen in India… These Qnet agents are still continuing their hunt and everyday are looting people’s money in the name of a Business opportunity… Qnet is nothing but the biggest Scam India has ever seen… I am wondering how come they are still operating.. a fraud company. It is cheating people in the name of business, job, investment etc. Their main target is relatives, friends, colleagues, cheating them based on trust.

There are individuals like Manusmita Rabha as well as a whole lot of others (great deal from Andhra Pradesh in fact), that are aiming to draw individuals right into Qnet. The catch is being stocked in the Northeast today. They will certainly begin by mentioning some lavish numbers as well as claim that you would certainly have the ability to gain a great deal of money in a week. After that they would certainly embarrass you by stating just what have you gained or exactly what have you done. After that they would certainly blackmail you with your buddies (that would certainly have brought you there), speak about trust fund, relationship etc to lure you right into a psychological trap. After that you would certainly be asked to spend some money (not precisely a financial investment, yet you need to acquire outrageous points like pendents or watches or something trivial at an excessively rate). Just after that you would certainly be qualified to do service. However after that if you wish to make money, you will certainly need to include 2 individuals under you. That are silly to sign up with you and also spend money. After that you could obtain some money. Perhaps not, do not do it! They resemble Herbalife or Amway. Comparable pyramid framework organisations where the leading most individuals generate income by swindling others to generated income. People and also women, please do not come under it in any way. There is no fast way to success.  Look at the web, this Qnet is outlawed in lots of nations.

Petition to Ban Qnet in India

When it comes to MLM frauds, India has the weakest legal framework and we, unfortunately, provide the best opportunity to organizations who run Ponzi scams. Now, this raises a question that should the government allow the multilevel marketing companies to operate in India or not? Or if they do allow, Do we have any policy to tackle unfortunate scams and frauds in the name of MLM.

In spite of various attempts by Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) wing of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs companies like QNet have been operating successfully by setting up a base abroad and fooling people fearlessly.

Starting from SpeakAsia Scam, Stock Guru India to QNet Scam, Indians have been duped by each of them & we haven’t taken any lessons from the past. However, the Enforcement Directorate is investigating QNet for not only the scam worth 425 crores but for money laundering case as well, But what difference did it make?

Have they stopped duping Indian Customers? NO
Do they even have a physical office in India? NO

I request everyone to sign this petition & make everyone aware of QNet scam so that no one gets duped, A Letter would be sent to ED, Ministry of Corporate affairs and Sushma Swaraj ji personally if we get five thousand signatures. We are also in touch with senior lawyers who will help us take this movement ahead legally.

United we stand, Divided we fall..!

Your signature is a crucial first step in gaining support to convince the government of India and the judiciary to BAN QNET in India. Qnet is still operating under multiple names and duping thousands upon thousands of victims in the country, all this while draining your hard-earned money to foreign nations.

Help this petition win by taking a moment to tell your friends and family why this fight against organised scam is important to you.


Qnet Victims Group