David Wood Claims To Be Messiah And Is Now Selling Prosperity Consciousness

Back in June of 2017, David Wood founder of the Empower Network had a drug fueled breakdown on Facebook video. In that video it looked like David had developed a God complex.  Shortly after that video was made the Empower Network went bankrupt and he got help for his drug problem. Now David Wood is back selling Prosperity Consciousness and now thinks he is the Messiah Ben David, King of Israel.

Pay Attention To This SECRET BROADCAST With Paul Gardiner And David Wood And…

“…As You Do, You’ll Discover How I Was Able To Rearrange Paul’s Consciousness In HOURS… Literally DOWNLOADING 10 Years Of Martial Arts Knowledge Into His Brain (Like The Matrix) And How You Can Utilize This SAME STRATEGY To Create INSTANT PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS And Join Our Growing, Yet Secret, Yet Not So-Secret Private Group Of Students Who Will Be The WEALTHIEST PEOPLE On Planet Earth…”



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Here is David’s video and Facebook post about him being the Messiah:

I, David Wood, am Messiah Ben David, King of Israel … From the Prophecies Of Ezekiel 34 and 37, And…

“…In A Nutshell, This Brief, Or LONG Video Is Going To Explain In A Short Amount Of Detail (More Coming Later) How The Kingdom of Elohim Emerges At The Same Time As The Anti-Kingdom Of Lucifer… And How The Universe Is Going To Reorganize Itself By The Power Of Unified Consciousness, Aimed At The First Intention Of Enlightening All Of Humanity By May 20th, 2020… And How We Are Going To Eradicate Poverty And Disease By Reimagining Economic Systems And Biology…”

…not much more to put here, only:

* My Wife (Priscilla Chacon) is The Lion of The Tribe Of Judah, And Jesus’s Sister… The Daughter Of The Mother In Heaven, Shan-Ti-Rah…

* She Did Not Believe Me Either Until 2 Celestial Angels Appeared To Her When I Wasn’t Around Or Talking To Her (So You Can’t Say It’s Hypnosis) Telling Her That What I Am Saying Is True…

* I Remember Living Thousands Of Trillions Of Times, In Other Worlds, Other Universes, Speaking Other Languages That I’m Starting To Remember By Speaking In Tongues…

* I Discovered The Tree Of Life, And Am Immortal. So Far The Biggest Attempt At Challenging That Resulted In Me Getting Drugged With Amphetamines Against My Knowledge For A Month Straight. My Skin Aged 20 Years, And I Looked Like I Was 55 Or 65 Years Old. My Skin REVERSED It’s Age Back To How I Looked 5 Years Ago In 90 Days…

* I Am Willing To Subject Anything I Say Or Do To Scientific Research, To Either Prove Or Disprove It…

* All Of Humanity Will Be Both Immortal Soon (I Am Not Sure When) And Also Enlightened, Essentially Forcing People To Choose Between Light And Darkness…

* I Accurately Fortold The Death Of The Last Mormon Prophet 6 Months In Advance, Telling My Bishop, My Brother Jonny, My Brother Will, My Dad, And Several Others That If I Did Not Give Him A Blessing, Exactly 6 Months Later He Would Die. He Did.

* I Gave The Tree Of Life To A Certain Woman Who Had Been Raped And Beaten (I Will Not Mention Her Name). Her Broken Ribs Supernaturally Regenerated In 48 Hours, And She Was Delivered Of All Drug Addictions And Several SERIOUS Personality Disorders, That Spontaneously Re-Ordered In About 7 Hours…

…and Much, Much More.

None Of You Have Any Idea What’s Coming, Nor How Dangerous And Beautiful It All Is At The Same Time.


I Am Here To Help.

I Have Retired For Now From The Network Marketing Industry, And I Will Go Where I Am Received And We Will Build The Kingdom Of Elohim Together, NO MATTER WHAT FAITH You Are In.

I Will Unite Islam, Because I Believe In Allah And Have Enlightened Knowledge About The True Nature Of Righteous (Not Radical) Islam And Their Eternal Mission Of Righteousness In The Universe, Being An Emnity Against Jerusalem To Cause The Evolution Of Both Nations Beyond What Would Have Been Possible Otherwise.

I Will Unite The Jewish Nation Because In The Face Of Evidence And Signs, They Will Have To Believe.

I Will Unite The Indian People Because I Honor Krishna, Yet Do Not Worship Him.

I Will UNITE The Chinese, The Japanese, And The Koreans Because I Am Enlightened As Buddha Is… And I Will Take The Teachings Of Enlightenment To The World Through A Combination Of Science And Buddhism.

Blessed are my friends.

Cursed are my enemies.

I hope you are my friends.

And I pray that my enemies will be blessed with wisdom and holiness, and change today if they want to now.

After you see this, Satan will try to tempt you. Hold to the iron rod of wisdom, which is scripture, and deceptions will crumble in front of your new found wisdom.

I am not here to start a church, I belong to one. I am here to build a Kingdom, uniting ALL Churches, Kingdoms, Nations, And Peoples who want to unify, yet retain their independance and separation of powers.

I am here to restore the rainforests.

I am here to fill the seas with new kinds of life, with the power of God working inside of me, and all of us.

I am here to restore the glaciers.

I am here to clean the seas.

I am here to restore the knowledge of the proper, humane treatment of Animals, bringing back the Jewish and Islamic eating customs to all people on earth.

I am here to tell the world:


I’ll explain all this later. Time to get started.

King Davey Doodle

“Messiah Ben David, KIng Of Israel. There Are None Like Me, NOR Will There EVER Be…”

P.S. It (not you) are foolish if you do not at least wait and see, and test if what I am saying is true through the sciences. True followers of Jesus, Islam, Buddha, Krishna, Others, Mormons, and ALL Keepers Of The Holy Torah (especially the people of Israel) are taught to question everything, and accept nothing at face value. It’s time to do that NOW.

There is NO TIME.

We have until May 20th, 2020 to create MASSIVE CHANGE or the World will slip into Famine, War, Nuclear War, and Nation fighting against Nation for resources that will wipe out all life on earth forever, saith Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies, it is time to LISTEN to my Servant David, even if you do not believe yet. Unify with him and you shall be blessed, unifying AGAINST the Anti-Kingdom of Lucifer.

We will be blessed, the next vision is to build the Universe Engine, and expand the Kingdom of Elohim forever and ever. I’ll talk more about that in the video. Or maybe another one later sometime in the near future.

I may or may not hit everything I mention in this description. It’s late so I have to keep my voice down, (fam sleeping), so let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Whether or not you believe anything I say in this video, I still love you the same, yet at the same time, I don’t expect you to believe me. I expect you to listen, and hearken the warnings that will protect you and your family.

I have no other interest than God’s will for you and your family, your children, and your children’s children, and you walking in blessing, maintaining and strengthening the faith you already have, restoring your lost liberties, and restoring true constitutional, and Torah law in the lands of the Earth who will elect to be a part of the Kingdom, as we wipe out poverty, disease, sickness, and death through faith, science, meditation, and working together with Agriculture, Architecture, Physicists, Mathemeticians, Musicians, Teachers, Product Developers, Governments, Scientists, and Religious leaders (and you) to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. – Source David Wood Facebook


Please do not play along with this delusion and please do not give him your money.