Top 9 Lies Used To Defend MLM Scams

The foundation that Multi-level marketing (MLM) scams are built on is lies.  This includes not only the way they are sold, but also in the way that they are defended.  When you speak out about MLM scams you will be flooded with comments from representatives of these scams defending them. My mission for my blog is to give you the information you need to defend yourself against scammers.  Here are the top 9 lies used in comments to defend MLM scams and how to respond to them:

9. My MLM is just like a McDonald’s franchise but better!

With a franchise the building of the business and brand awareness has already been done for you and you have the opportunity to open a successful business from the beginning. They are required to prove to you that they offer a successful  franchise business.

MLM is not covered by franchise laws because it is not a franchise. With a MLM you are the one building the business, brand awareness and recruiting others into the business. You are an independent sales person for the MLM. They are not required to prove to you that the MLM is a successful business to participate in.


MLM has nothing to do with being a franchise owner. MLM’s are not covered by franchise laws because they are not franchises. MLM is more like being a 100% commission outside sales person for a company. The MLM compensation plan is just how this commission is paid to you.