MOBE Scam Goes Dark In The Shadow Of FTC

Official Word From FTC: MOBE Scam Shutdown For Bilking $125 Million From Victims.

What should you do next and where is Matt Lloyd?

You may have heard of this incredible opportunity to make money through My Online Business Empire (MOBE) by Matt Lloyd. This could have come though an email, by searching the internet or even on the radio. A common scam in the business opportunity world is to use digital marketing products as a cover for running a recruiting scam. MOBE used many feeder programs to funnel people into their program.  One of those programs was called My Top Tier Business (MTTB).  I reported on the MTTB scam back in July of 2014.

The MTTB scam charged you $49 and then got you to go through 21 steps that focused on getting you to purchase over $20,000 in MOBE training. They gave you the impression that all you needed to spend was $49 and you would have this great online business. In my opinion, MTTB/MOBE is internet marketing at its worst.

Recently another program called Digital Altitude which is very similar to MOBE was shutdown by the FTC. MOBE and Digital Altitude are so similar that on Aug 01, 2016 MOBE sued Digital Altitude in court for copyright infringement of Motion Pictures & Other Audiovisual Works. This similarity has left many Scam Busters questioning why the FTC has not gone after MOBE.

It now looks like the FTC is going after MOBE. A few days ago, all of the MOBE company websites went dark. Then promoters started making claims of action by the FTC.

Here is what we know now about this situation:

What Is My Online Business Empire MOBE?

Here is what one MOBE contractor said about the MOBE shutdown situation:

I am not going to share any information here that has not already been shared publicly or that is a matter of opinion even though I probably know more because I was an independent contractor for the company.

The short answer is yes, Mobe has been shut down by the FTC. All Independent contractors of the company have been asked to halt operations. We have not heard from Matt Llyod or any executives at all. Everything for us has been halted also even though we have worked we do not have access to our paychecks. Many of the top earners started to jump ship several days before any of us even knew. We found out about all of this literally overnight we woke up to everything being shut down and no answers just like everyone else. – source

Here is what one affiliate had to say:

Hey Everyone! Yesterday we all MOBE affiliates find out that our company was shut down by FTC. So for now we can only wait what FTC reports about the company’s function in the future and take from there! I will post for updates! In the mean time apply what you learn and never give up!!!!!! –  Source ‎Loreta Sidelnyk

Michael Williams and Michael Giannulis emailed the following to their downline:

This is a bitter sweet moment for BPO that we must inform you of. As of now, we are no longer affiliated with MOBE at all.

As we move forward onto bigger and better things we want to let you know where we are with MOBE.

Any members that you were working with to sell them MOBE must stop immediately.

This also means that any sales that we have made that are not paid will have to stay that way.

The FTC has brought the hammer down upon MOBE and we have to cut ties with them 100%.

If we do not we could also find ourselves stuck in a sticky situation.

We know the loss of sales hurts, it hurts all of us as a whole, but we know that BPO is going in a great direction and is making this move to protect us.

Thank you for your understand in this moment and thank you for making BPO great. – Source

We will find out in the coming days the long term fate of MOBE.