Avoid The Essential Oil Plague

On every social network there is a plague of false claims made about the curing of almost every disease for man or dog by an essential oil.  I want to be clear with you.  This is nothing but one of the oldest scams in America: the snake-oil salesman.

These snake-oil salesmen will point to scientific articles that show that an essential oil under lab conditions has produced some result, and then go on to say that you can cure almost anything just by rubbing an essential oil on your skin or ingesting it.

Here are some example claims:

What a difference that Young Living Essential Oils has made in my husband’s neuropathy, my depression/anxiety, & my son’s Asperger’s/ADHD/OCD!!!

Essential oils are the newest trend in health and wellness — and for good reason! Here’s how you can use essential oils to naturally fight anxiety, sleep better, banish migraines, and more.

This is the oil that converted my skeptical husband 🌿👌. In his corporate job, he spends a lot of time arguing with a screen 🙄 and not surprisingly, he used to struggle frequently with tension in his eyes and throbbing in his temples.

When I tucked this blend of pure essential oils into his laptop case, I wasn’t expecting miracles. But he was blown away with how this oil relaxed him physically and emotionally, and as a result it completely transformed his understanding of stress and it’s physical effects on his body.

Lyme Disease – my husband was just diagnosed last week. His description of how he feels is: like dog dirt. What I see is someone who looks sick and often feels achy, weak and lethargic. He complains of headaches and joint pain, and his memory—bad before—is poor. The Urgi-Care doc prescribed doxycycline, and it makes him sick. I turned to doTERRA’s immune system supporting essential oils to help him. Little did I know, several of the oils I chose for him have clinical evidence for healing support for Lyme Disease: oregano, clove and cinnamon. I’m putting a couple of drops of these oils, and a few others, into an empty capsule at least twice a day. I’m also giving him Deep Blue capsules for inflammation and Mito2Max for energy. It’s early in the fight, but I believe we’re going to get his vitality back.

I used massive amounts of Frankincense I purchased from Doterra.
I used the frankincense I purchased on the area I had microcalcification and shadows on xrays.
I no longer have microcalcifications or shadows in the area I used massive amounts of Frankincense purchased from Doterra.
Pubmed.gov has many published articles on the efficacy of Frankincense to kill cancer cells.
I believe doterra carries the best essential oils available.

I started researching natural oils. Essential oils like peppermint and lime, lavender, vetiver for moods. Magnesium oil for pain and crystals for bath soak. Copiba for moods and pain.

Then I found Hempworx cbd oil, researched it and compared with others in the market, finally bought it. Been on it now for 5 weeks and I’m Depression and anxiety is better. Breakthrough pain has gone !
I’m ot of bed and living again !!!
I now have my grandson 2 days a week 😍 and can do more housework. Go out and run errands. Every week I’m a bit stronger.
The face creams have taken years off my appearance and helping even out my skin.
Relief cream is a sacred thing in our house now, used for everything from aches to wounds, my partner uses it for his finger (hes an airbrush artist) which is getting rsi like pain…. totally fine !
We have my stepkids on it and it’s helped them tremendously.
We also have our two aging dogs on the pet oil, they have more energy, and my chihuahua has stopped shedding, and is less anxious .

Why has this become so common?

In my opinion, It has become so common because multi-level marketing companies are promoting essential oils as a way for you to make money from home. To promote these essential oils, these companies representatives are willing to make amazing claims about the effectiveness of these essential oils. They are willing to become snake-oil salesman.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent letters to two MLM companies Young Living And dōTERRA, warning them against marketing their products as possible treatments or cures for Ebola. When there is a health scare like Ebola, companies like to take advantage of the fear and make money. These companies or their paid representatives claimed that essential oils and other natural remedies could help prevent you from contracting the Ebola virus and in at least one instance, kill the Ebola virus.

Here is an example of the guidelines that Young Living provides their representatives:

While it isn’t okay to claim that a Young Living product can cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent a disease without the proper scientific studies, it is okay to state that Young Living products promote emotional or spiritual well-being as well as cosmetic benefits related to the appearance of skin. – Source Sharing Young Living The Right Way

Here is an example of the guidelines that dōTERRA provides their representatives:

A Wellness Advocate may not make any medical claim for any product nor specifically prescribe any given product as suitable for any specific ailment, as that type of representation implies the products are drugs rather than nutritional supplements or cosmetics. Under no circumstance should these products be likened to drug products prescribed for the treatment of specific ailments. – Source doTERRA Policy Manual

In my opinion, it does not seem that representatives are following these guidelines.

The Essential Oil Plague Conclusion

Don’t fall for one of the oldest scams in America: the snake-oil salesman. Representatives of these mlm companies with dreams of becoming rich will make incredible health claims to recruit you into their MLM. Don’t fall for it. Even action by the FDA has not stopped representatives of these companies from making false health claims. The only thing that will stop it is you NOT supporting people that make these claims.