Morgan Johnson's $54 Million Judgment Suspended Due To Inability To Pay

Settlements with the government in the Digital Altitude scam are moving forward.

Morgan Johnson of the Digital Altitude scheme that falsely claimed it would enable people to earn substantial income online, and Upside LLC used to process consumers’ credit card payments, are banned from selling business coaching programs and investment opportunities under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission.

Digital Altitude operated a fraudulent scheme that preyed on consumers hoping to earn money while working from home. They falsely told consumers that through their “system” or “program,” consumers would earn large sums of money operating their own business online. Defendants represented to consumers that Defendants’ program would enable consumers to “start and grow a profitable online business” and “make six figures online in the next ninety days or less.” Defendants extracted steep fees for membership, but the vast majority of consumers who payed Defendants never earned substantial income, much less the claimed “six figures.”

Defendants’ program consisted of a series of tiered membership levels, each with a membership fee higher than the last. Defendants payed a consumer only when the consumer recruited new consumers to join the program, through commissions on the new consumers’ membership fees. Although Defendants’ program ostensibly provided business coaching that would help members build a successful business, the goal of that “coaching” was to persuade the member to purchase a higher membership tier.

Defendants have charged individual consumers substantial amounts of money, ranging from several hundred dollars to more than $50,000, with total consumer injury exceeding $14,000,000.

Under the settlement orders, these defendants are also prohibited from credit card laundering, making misrepresentations about any product or service, profiting from consumers’ personal information collected as part of the scheme, and failing to dispose of it properly.

The judgment against Morgan Johnson imposes a $54 million judgment that will be suspended due to her inability to pay. The judgment against The Upside LLC imposes a $140,983 judgment that will be partially suspended when the company has surrendered a bank account.

Litigation continues against the remaining defendants. I am sure we can expect to hear about a settlement with Michael Force in the near future.

The other defendants are Digital Altitude LLC, Digital Altitude Limited, Aspire Processing LLC, Aspire Processing Limited, Aspire Ventures Ltd, Disc Enterprises Inc., RISE Systems & Enterprise LLC (Utah), RISE Systems & Enterprise LLC (Nevada), Thermography for Life LLX, also doing business as Living Exceptionally Inc., and Michael Force, Mary Dee, Alan Moore and Sean Brown.

– Source FTC