Skyway Capital/Skyway Group Warning Issued In New Zealand

The warnings about the Skyway Capital scam continue to roll out. This month New Zealand joins Belgium, Lithuania, and Estonia in warning their residents about Skyway Capital/Skyway Group.

What is SkyWay?

SkyWay is an innovative transport technology of the “second level” and its infrastructure, developed by the Russian engineer Anatoly Eduardovich Unitsky. The essence of the technology is to move “over the ground” high-speed rail car on steel wheels on a prestressed perfectly flat steel track structure, fixed at the ends of the anchor supports. Known as string transport, SkyWay technology has been developed for over 38 years, received a number of government awards and UN grants. A full demonstration of urban passenger and light transport is planned in autumn 2016, high-speed and freight transport – in 2017, the first orders – 2017-2018. – Source

Here is the warning issued by the Financial Markets Authority FMA:

TRADING NAME: Skyway Capital
ADDRESS: 10 Great Russell Street, London, United Kingdom WC18 3BQ.
PHONE: +7(495)419 04 56

It has been brought to the attention of FMA that Skyway Capital and its associates are offering financial services to New Zealand residents via social media and via other New Zealand residents. Skyway Capital and The Skyway Group are not registered as a financial service provider in New Zealand and is therefore not permitted to provide financial services to New Zealand residents.

FMA also notes recent warning by the regulators in BelgiumLithuania and Estonia in relation to Skyway Capital and The Skyway group. It is noted on the warnings that Skyway Capital and The Skyway Group could be involved in a scam and are an unlicensed entity in those jurisdictions.

Other information

We have general information available on our website about overseas brokers and cold calling scams. If you have invested with Skyway Capital or The Skyway Group or had contact with parties connected to it, we would like to hear from you. Please contact our helpline on 0800 434 567.

– Source

SkyWay Capital Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, SkyWay Capital is using a recruiting scam to take peoples money. They use valueless shares in a unprofitable Pre-IPO company to sucker people into this scam. You purchase shares and get a cut of the purchased shares of people you recruit. The director of SkyWay Capital has a long history of promoting scams like MMM. SkyWay Capital is one more of these scams. I don’t know of too many legitimate investments that run their business out of a Mail Boxes Etc. and use Ponzi pimps as their directors. I would not invest my money in the SkyWay Capital scam.