Super Affiliate Network Scam

Disclaimer: These comments that you are about to read are my personal opinion and you should rely on your own research when deciding whether to pursue The Super Affiliate Network business opportunity. Any facts below are provided for reference only and any errors will be corrected.

Affiliate marketing is a great place to start when you are looking to make money online.  Other than the cost of a webpage and your time, it is very low cost to get started. There are many business opportunities that promote affiliate marketing.  Some of these business opportunities are scams.  My subscribers have requested that I take a look into The Super Affiliate Network. They are concerned that it has a lot of similarities with the recently shutdown Digital Altitude and MOBE scams. Here is what I have found.

Super Affiliate Network Scam Claims

The Super Affiliate Network is a global community of Entrepreneurs scattered across the entire world with one common goal: to make a difference, do what they love, and live a lifestyle of abundance and freedom. Founded by an entrepreneur with a passion for teaching others, being self-made, and helping people understand their TRUE potential, we provide laser targeted education, a second to none community and family-like atmosphere and direct mentorship programs for anyone who resonates with our vision and is ready to step into their limitless potential.

Super Affiliate Network Scam Reality

The Super Affiliate Network was launched in 2016.  The founder of The Super Affiliate Network is Misha Wilson.

The Super Affiliate Network, LLC
3600 Wailea Alanui
Kihei, Hawaii, 96753

Previous to the launching The Super Affiliate Network, Misha Wilson was involved with Elite Marketing Pro.

Ever since I first stumbled across the Elite Marketing Pro launch just about a year ago, I’ve completely loved the system. The amount of value that it has to offer in the form of educational marketing material without taking into account the income opportunity is insane. Everything from traffic generation to sales funnel creation to attraction marketing is covered in the training offered through What’s Working Now, and the products you get access to as a member.

This fact allowed me to feel great about bringing anyone and everyone into Elite Marketing Pro, whether they were a complete beginner, or advanced Marketer. And as a result, over the last year I’ve generated close to 400 sales (393 to be exact, and have consistently been near the top of the leader-boards). – Source

Misha was also a leader in the Founders Legacy Team promoting the WakeUpNow scam.

In his own words, here is how Misha worked in the past:

I had a 3 killer affiliate sales funnels built out for my various systems that I was promoting…

A “Simple Affiliate Funnel” with a custom capture page, custom bridge page, and custom e-mail followup…
An full automated webinar funnel (registration page, 2 indoctrination videos, webinar, and custom followup) that ran to all of my new leads within the second week of opt-ing into my list
A consult funnel that pre-qualified leads, and got people to request me to call them on the phone for a free consult, from which I could sell them into my systems/opportunities.
…And everything was working well…

The only problem was…

It wasn’t duplicatable by any stretch of the imagination.

For a while I was fine with it, as in the industry you’re taught to make the sale no matter what, and then let your buyer find there way down the road to success. You’re taught that everyone will do things differently, and that the only job you have is to sell them into the business, thus getting their skin in the game in order to put them in a position to make something happen.

What he is describing is recruiting people into a business opportunity. A customer does not have to have skin in the game in affiliate marketing.  They are buying a product that is valuable to them.  They do not have to duplicate your recruiting to succeed.

With a true affiliate program you are not selling any products directly. You are simply the mouthpiece, or the advertising board that tells people where to go and buy products. You will not have to purchase anything, but you will still make money just for telling people where to go to get a product. Source

The Super Affiliate Network claims to run a 2 Tier affiliate program. It is actually a MLM company.  You have to be an active member to make commissions. You can also make commissions on sales of the people you have recruited.

Commissions are only made available to active affiliates when money has been collected from the customer. Declines, refunds and chargebacks will not count toward any owed commissions. Additionally, we’ve implemented a policy internally that prevents customers from being re-billed their monthly membership if they are an inactive member.

An inactive member is defined as a member who does not complete the first 7 modules within their first 30 days. – Source 

The Super Affiliate Network FAQ explains when you can start making money:

Q. When can I start making money?
A. Complete the 18 module bootcamp and all coaching sessions, then access your business dashboard by selecting the “partners” tab on the navigation bar, then select the “my business” tab. Watch the back office overview video…

To make a commission on the Pro or Maui programs you have to purchase that level of program or above. Your commissions can increase on a package if you purchase that package or a more expensive package.

Here is The Super Affiliate Network system in action:

By the end of the first day I had made 10 front end $1 sales, and by the end of the first week people were already starting to upgrade to the PRO level for $2,000!

I reached out to all of the coaches to hear about their results, and what they reported shocked me. 100% of the coaches had made sales, AND one of our new affiliates who had JUST SIGNED UP had already made her first commission.

EVERYONE who took action based on what I taught in the profit boosting bootcamp made sales, and since then our new affiliates are seeing sales and profits within just days. Our top affiliates just earned $6,000 in their first month, $3,000 of which came in just ONE DAY. This month we’re on track to do just under $60,000, beating our first 30 day period by about $7,000. – Source

Here is another interesting thing I have found. Here is Dan Muscat with a testimonial:

Why is Dan Muscat the COO of The Super Affiliate Network making a Testimonial as a customer? He is part of the company.

In my opinion, The Super Affiliate Network is nothing but an endless recruiting scam.

Here is how the Digital Altitude scam was described by the FTC:

Defendants’ program consists of a series of tiered membership levels, each with a membership fee higher than the last. Defendants pay a consumer only when the consumer recruits new consumers to join the program, through commissions on the new consumers’ membership fees. Although Defendants’ program ostensibly provides business coaching that will help members build a successful business, the goal of that “coaching” is to persuade the member to purchase a higher membership tier. – Source FTC

Sound familiar? I believe my subscribers are right to be concerned about how The Super Affiliate Network is run.


SAN Monthly – $1 trial into $47/mo
SAN Monthly – $37/month
SAN Premium – $97/one time
SAN SAM – $47/one time
SAN Annual 1 Pay – $165 – $397
SAN Lifetime – $497
SASF – $7 – $297
PRO – $997 – $2497
Coop – $300 – $5,000
MAUI – $12,997

SAN refers to “Super Affiliate Network”, SAM refers to “Super Affiliate Monthly”, and SASF refers to “Solo Ad Success Formula”.

Compensation Plan

The “BASIC” commissionable program for “BASIC” level membership, includes the following commission percentages on each of the following products sold (after 30 day refund policy has expired):

SAN Monthly – $1 trial into $47/mo (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN Monthly – $37/month (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN Premium – $97/one time (Tier 1 = 40% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN SAM – $47/one time (Tier 1 = 40% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN Annual – $397 (Tier 1 = 40% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN Annual – $225 x 2 (Tier 1 = 40% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN Annual – $165 x 3 (Tier 1 = 40% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN Lifetime – $497 (Tier 1 = 40% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SAN Swipe File – $247 (Tier 1 = 40% – Tier 2 = 5%)
SASF – $7 trial into $197 (Tier 1 = 50% – Tier 2 = 5%)

To make a commission on the Pro or Maui programs you have to purchase that level of program or above. Your commissions can increase on a package if you purchase that package or a more expensive package.

The “MAUI” commissionable program for “MAUI” level membership, includes the following commission percentages on each of the following products sold (after 30 day refund policy has expired):

SAN Monthly – $1 trial into $47/mo (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 20%)
SAN Monthly – $37/month (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 20%)
SAN Premium – $97/one time (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 20%)
SAN SAM – $47/one time (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 20%)
SAN Annual 1 Pay – $165 – $397 (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 20%)
SAN Lifetime – $497 (Tier 1 = 70% – Tier 2 = 20%)
SASF – $7 – $297 (Tier 1 = 90%)
PRO – $997 – $2497 (Tier 1 = 33.96% – Tier 2 = 16.98%)
Coop – $300 – $5,000 (Tier 1 = 10%)
MAUI – $12,997 – (Tier 1 = 28%) (Tier 2 = 5%)

Click Here for the full compensation plan.

Income Disclosure


If income projections were presented to you prior to your enrollment, such projections are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through your participation in the Compensation Plan. – Source

They provide no actual numbers from The Super Affiliate Network.  There is no way to know how much people are actually making with this company.

Return Policy

There a 100% no questions asked 30 day refund on select products from The Super Affiliate Network.

There will be no refunds or credits for setup fees, partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. No exceptions. – Source

Just because a program has a refund policy, does not mean that it is NOT a scam.  The Digital altitude scam had a refund policy as well.

Super Affiliate Network Scam Conclusion

In my opinion, The Super Affiliate Network is another internet marketing recruiting scam. This is not just a single level affiliate program. You need to purchase the most expensive programs to make commission on them. You also need to be active in the program to earn commissions. The up sells are massive in this program. You can start by spending $1 and end up spending over $12,000. It is a sales funnel that uses marketing information and coaches to sell you additional expensive programs. The main way that people earn money is by promoting the same program they have purchased. This program is very similar to programs that have been shutdown by the FTC recently: Digital Altitude and MOBE. I would avoid becoming a victim of The Super Affiliate Network internet marketing recruiting scam.