This morning I found out that DasCoin is using Trademark Complaints on YouTube to try to silence their critics. First they tried to silence me with a DMCA take down of my article about them, and now they are trying to use a Trademark complaint. Let’s hope that they are unsuccessful.

Should you join the DasCoin scam?

No. In my opinion, DasCoin is a Ponzi scheme that uses MLM recruiting to increase the amount of people that are brought into this scam. People at the top of this company were involved in promoting the OneCoin scam. The system DasCoin uses is nothing new – it has been used by many MLM scams in the past, but without DasCoin’s cryptocurrency angle. The product sold here is the NetLeaders’ license, which is required for any member to enter the DasCoin program and receive commissions based on the number you recruit, and people (or downlines) you successfully build in your own DasCoin network. I would avoid the DasCoin scam.

Here is the complaint that was filed against my video and three others:

Title: Personal assistant of CEO

Full legal name: Filip Sretovic

Company name: DasCoin

Trademark owner name: Michael Mathias

Relationship: I am his personal assistant

Brand type: Wordmark and Logo

Register status: Yes

Jurisdiction of registration: HK

Registration number:

Content type: Video


Clarification: This Videos use our Logo and websites with offensive and disrespectful speech. This 4 videos crashes our reputation and call people to not invest in our company. Also we have all legal rights for working and we are not pushing people to invest if they don’t want. They have there own reason for speaking worst thing about us. We want from you to suspend this videos from YouTube. We are planning to invest in the future in advertising on google and YouTube so we need to have clear picture. Thanks.

Signature: Filip Sretovic