Fake health claims are the foundation of many health and wellness scams.  Nutrilite was one of the early ones that used these fake health claims to sell their products. They are also one of the first to use Multi-level Marketing (MLM) to sell their products.

Nutrilite is a brand of mineral, vitamin, and dietary supplements developed in 1934 by Carl F. Rehnborg. Nutrilite products are currently manufactured by Access Business Group, a subsidiary of Alticor whose products are sold via Amway worldwide. The Nutrilite brand is known as Nutriway in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.

Here are the details of these fake health claims made by Nutrilite from a judgement against them.  I will provide a link to the original judgement document below.

The edition of “How To Get Well and Stay Well” in use until May 1948 represented without qualification that Nutrilite is an effective therapeutic agent in “almost every case” and is a cure of “common ailments,” among which the following were specifically listed: low blood pressure, ulcers, mental depression, pyorrhea, muscular twitching, worry over small things, tonsillitis, hay fever, sensitiveness to noise, easily tired, gas in stomach, faulty vision, head-ache, constipation, boils, lack of ambition, nervousness, nosebleed, insomnia, (sleeplessness), allergies, asthma, restlessness, bad skin color, biliousness, migraine, high blood pressure, sinus trouble, lack of concentration, dental caries, irregular heartbeat, flabby tissues, hysterical tendency, eczema, over-weight, faulty memory, colitis, craving for sour foods, arthritis (rheumatism), neuralgia, deafness, subject to colds. At another point the booklet implied that “cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, high blood pressure, constipation, tuberculosis, arthritis, neuritis” and numerous other diseases would respond to Nutrilite treatment. This booklet  also contained testimonial letters by means of which the drug Nutrilite was represented as an effective treatment for many diseases. Said representations were false and misleading in that Nutrilite is not effective in the treatment and cure of such conditions and diseases.

– Source Page 356 FDA Judgement Against Nutrilite