Private label rights content is content where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work.

Private Label Rights can include:

Private use
Learn from the materials but you can’t do anything else with the content.

Can be sold
Sell the content as an ebook and keep the profit. Set up an affiliate program and your affiliates can sell the content as long as you remain in control of it. You have to provide the download link and collect the money and pay your affiliates. Or you can use a program such as Clickbank which collects the money and then pays you and the affiliate.

Can be given away as an incentive
Use the content as a freebie to motivate people to sign up for your list. Or just give it away.

Can be packaged with other paid products
If you have other materials on the same subject that you’re selling, combine the content and sell it all together.

Can be offered as a bonus with paid product
Give the content as a bonus when you sell a product.

Can Be submitted to article directories
If the article directory says the content has to be 100% written by you, or you have to have exclusive rights to the content, you can’t submit PLR content. You can rewrite it to fit their TOS.

Can be used as web content
self explanatory

Can be used as an e-course/autoresponder sequence
Set it up as a series for your autoresponder or sell it as an e-course that’s set up on an autoresponder.

Can be used as blog posts
Self explanatory

Can be broken down into smaller articles
Break the ebook or report into smaller chunks and use those as articles, web pages or blog posts.

Can be combined to create longer articles
Combine shorter articles into a longer article. Or combine a number of shorter articles into a report or ebook.

Can be edited.
You can change the content however you wish, as much, or as little, as you wish.

Can have your name put on them
Put your name on the material as the author.

Can sell Resale Rights
Selling the rights to resell the content. The person you sell resale rights to can then sell the content without paying you any additional money. But that person can’t sell the rights to sell the content to anyone else. Resale rights don’t mean you can change the content, add to it, edit it, or put your name on it, unless these other rights are granted as well.

Can sell Master Resale Rights
One step further than resale rights. The person can sell the rights to sell the content to anyone else and they can then resell the content and so forth. MRR doesn’t mean you can change the content, add to it, edit it or put your name on it, unless these other rights are granted as well.

Can sell Private Label Rights
Selling the private label rights to the material.

Can be added to membership sites
The material is added to a membership site. There are several different kinds of membership sites. And some writers differentiate the rights based on whether the membership is paid or free. Or whether the content is informational only (personal use) for the members or any rights can be passed on to the members.

Can be offered through auction sites
Can be sold or given away through an auction site.

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