4. ATM Machines

Here is an example of how this type of scam is promoted.

ATM Machine Scam

Here is how the scam works.

Fidelity ATM sold a $30,000 “package” that was supposed to include three ATMs, high-traffic locations for the ATMs, and ongoing customer service. However, as shown during trial, Steinberg and Duffie misrepresented the purchasers’ likely profits, misrepresented the location services that Fidelity ATM would provide, and used fake references. Indeed, the evidence showed that Steinberg and Duffie arranged for employees and friends to pose as successful Fidelity ATM customers during sales calls with future potential purchasers. The fake references used prepaid cell phones that Fidelity ATM purchased in the names, and with the real area codes, of genuine customers. – Source FBI